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Summer Queen

Summer Queen

By Amber Argyle

Nelay never wanted to be queen.

Poised to become the most powerful priestess in Idara, Nelay doesn’t have time to become a pretty bauble for the king. She’s too busy saving her people from the invading army sweeping across her kingdom.

But in defeat after defeat, Nelay begins to realize a bigger power is at play than that wielded by mere mortals. Only she can stand between the cinders of her once-great nation and the vengeance of a goddess.

I wrote this book during perhaps one of the hardest times of my life. My son was in and out of hospitals with a noncancerous bone tumor. He had two surgeries and was in a wheelchair and not allowed any type of physical activity for months.

We also moved to another state, I broke my leg, had surgery, and played single mom while my husband was away. Insurance was, and still is, a nightmare (I'm looking at you, Humana).

This book is perhaps the strongest straight-up fantasy novel I've written. One of the themes I explore is leadership. To quote from the book: “To be a true leader, one must not simply be strong. One must also be selfless.”

And I can't mention one of my books without talking about the main characters. Nelay doesn't start off as this weak, timid little thing being oppressed. She's poised to become the most powerful woman in her kingdom. But as with most of those in power, she lacks empathy.

Rycus knows who he is and what he wants, but unlike Nelay, he is also willing to sacrifice for those he loves. And Rycus loves Nelay "as the sun loves the sky." 

Tweet: Check out @amberargyle's #CoverReveal of Summer Queen. Gorgeous! #mustread #books #bookworm #picofthedayI also want to annoucne that I've written a preqeul for Summer Queen, entitled, Of Fire and Ash. It's with my editors now and will be published as soon as it's finished. You can find both on Goodreads here and here.  I hope you're as excited for the next installment in the Fairy Queen Series as I am. 

Forgotten by You Cover Reveal

Some decisions in life seem wonderful and wise. For Charlie Andrews and Mitch Hawkins, who have been blissfully happy together for seven years, nothing could have prepared them for that one fateful day. What they thought would be one simple choice to bring their future together sooner, became a disaster causing their future to change to bleak and bereft of hope, direction…and each other.

When Mitch falls and hits his head, suddenly his past becomes his present, and his beloved Charlie, a stranger. Charlie’s heart is broken into thousands of pieces as she mourns the loss of her fiancĂ©, who although alive, is dead to her. Will they be able to find their way back to each other, and overcome overwhelming obstacles, or will the domino effect of their choices cause ramifications beyond redemption?

One decision.

One day.

One irrevocable mistake.

Beautifully Broken

Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Jacqueline Blunt hasn’t had an easy life. In fact, she’s had anything but. From a drug addicted mother to being bounced around in foster care, Jacqueline longed for one thing—normalcy. Lee Bennett had everything he could ever want—girls falling all over him, a dream job, money. The one thing he was missing? Passion.

Sometimes the ones worth fighting for don’t know their worth. Sometimes being broken is beautiful. This is a story of strength, courage, hope, faith, and love. This is Beautifully Broken.
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Excerpt One

“You’re insane,” Lee said again, only this time it was in a low whisper.

I tore my eyes off the road to meet his, watching as mischief and mystery danced across them. I might have been hallucinating, but I think I also saw Lee turned on. He kept biting his lip, and running his hand over his fuzzy shaved head.

“Pull over.”

“What?” I asked, puzzled as to what his motives were.

“Pull over,” he repeated in the exact same tone and I kid you not—I had never been more turned on in my life.

Before I knew it, I had taken his advice and we were parked outside a local park I used to frequent. It was late, around eight at night and it was dark; not pitch dark though. There were no patrons around. I put the car in park and was sure my heartbeat could be heard across the world.

Lee unbuckled his seatbelt when I parked and shifted in his seat to face me. “I’m not going to kiss you again until you ask for it.”

I looked at him, my jaw down to my knees. “What makes you think I would let you kiss me again?” It was all I had been fantasizing about since he had stolen the first kiss from me. It consumed my every thought. But I was not going to tell him that. I was going to remain strong.

“Oh, when I’m done with you—you’re going to be begging for it,” he said in the cockiest tone I had ever heard.

“Cocky much?” I asked, snidely.

“Confident,” Lee responded calmly, grinning back at me.

And then I could feel his warm breath in the crook of my neck, just below my ear, dancing on my skin. My breathing became shallow, and I wondered how he knew where my spot was instantly and the crazy things it would do to me.

If his lips or tongue made their way anywhere towards my neck I was a goner for sure.

I was holding my own. My poker face had not wavered, but my madly beating heart and breathing were a dead giveaway.

“How ya doing over there?” Lee whispered in my ear.

“I’m fine, absolutely fine,” I gulped out, attempting to sound confident.

That’s when his lips found the bottom of my ear and he kissed it and gently sucked on it, causing me to literally bite my tongue off as I squealed with pleasure.

“What was that?” Lee asked, putting his ear to my mouth. His neck was irresistibly close and all I could smell was his intoxicating scent. A mix of his cologne and pure pheromones.

Lee backed up again and began nibbling my right ear. Was it getting hot in here? Or was it just me…

Excerpt Two

I was going to kill Lee—I was going to murder him and bury the body.

It was surprisingly my first offense and I was let off with a fine. Lee was not as lucky—turns out he had a bit of a record—it only angered me more.

Lee had some kind of charm—he had somehow manipulated his way out of a short jail stint with a few choice words and his killer smile. I had to admit—he had his ways. He was slapped with a fine like me and we were sent on our way.

“So how about that for a first date?” Lee boasted as we drove away from the officer and the park.

I was seething and couldn’t even see straight from the rage. My response was a fresh and strong glare in his direction. I knew if I opened up my mouth it wouldn’t be pretty.

“Oh, I get it…you’re giving me the silent treatment,” he paused for effect. “I guess you’re entitled to that this one time.”

I glanced over at him, unable to hide my shock—then back at the road—still silent. It was the calmest I had been in days—I was proud of myself.

“Come on, at least admit it…you had fun,” Lee whispered, a hint of playfulness dancing behind his eyes.

I tried to fight my smile…but I couldn’t help it—if this was the way things were beginning, I could only imagine the rest of his trip.

“See? I knew it!” I wanted to slap the smirk right off his face. This was not what I had signed up for.

“Which hotel are you staying at?” The coolness and indifference in my voice could shatter mirrors.

“So it’s going to be like that?” Lee replied in a surprised tone.

“Like what? You almost got us arrested back there…next I’m sure my actual life will be in danger.” I didn’t bother tearing my eyes off the road that time.

“Oh, come on—Parker always made you seem like such a risk taker,” Lee said playfully.

The mention of Parker’s name had me going through a whirlwind of emotions.

“You spoke to Parker about me?” I tried to mask the nervousness in my voice. I hadn’t taken the necessary time to mourn his absence in my life and wasn’t prepared for this.

Too late. Lee’s voice sounded dejected. Suddenly, I was kicking myself mentally in the face. I hadn’t meant to hurt his feelings. But the fact that he was disappointed at all had to mean something right?

Excerpt Three

After we changed in the locker rooms, we emerged and I couldn’t stop staring at Jacqueline. Austyn had chosen the tankini, whatever that was and Jacqueline looked beautiful. Austyn had been spot on.

We started off in the shallow end. That way she could touch the ground, in turn feeling safe.

I initiated a water fight to make her feel even more secure. I had never seen her smile more.

“Okay, I’m going to need you to lie flat on your back, I’m going to teach you how to float.” Instinctively, I put my arms out in front of me.

I felt Jacqueline’s weightless body fall back onto my arms and I guided her around the pool. When we had been in the deep end for more than ten minutes, I removed my arms from underneath Jacqueline. Her eyes were closed and by the time she realized she was alone, I was already halfway across the pool.

“Lee?” She began to kick her legs, flailing her arms, looking for me; causing her to accidentally swallow some pool water.

“Jac, I’m right here,” I said in a calming voice. “You were doing fine until you began second guessing yourself. Just kick your feet underneath you and keep your head above water.”

I swam out to her after I saw a visible change in her posture. “How you doing?”

“You’re an ass, but I’m swimming!”

“Now that’s the spirit!” I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

She wrapped her legs around my torso. “Don’t leave me again,” she murmured.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Jacqueline was my life now. I spent every waking moment apart from work wrapped up in her.

For once in my life someone had grounded me—and I liked it.

“What are you thinking about?” Jacqueline ran her fingers gently over my forehead.

“You,” I replied, honestly.

Her eyes grew wide. “What about me?”

“You’ve managed to ground me; this is the longest I’ve been in one single place in years.”

Jacqueline looked enthused. “That’s awesome.”

“That’s awesome? That’s all you have to say after I made that huge confession?” She was being modest.

“I knew you liked me more than you let on…I’ve just been waiting for you to come out and say it!” She poked me in the chest playfully.

“Oh really? I’m going to drop you in this water!” I tried to release her limbs from my body but they were hanging on for dear life.

I couldn’t help but laugh. This was us. Jacqueline was my girlfriend and I was falling hard. If I didn’t watch it I would be the one face planting in love with her much quicker than I had ever anticipated.

My player days were being put behind me and I felt relieved; I felt renewed.

Krista Pakseresht has always been a dreamer. From the first time she opened her eyes. Creating worlds through words is one thing she is truly talented at. She specializes in Young adult/New adult romance, horror, action, fantasy, and non-fiction under the pen name Kira Adams.

She is the author of the Infinite Love series, the Foundation series, the Darkness Falls series, and the Looking Glass series.

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The Gemstone Collection Part Eight

What to read after 50-part8-set

Book Title: What to Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection Part Eight

Author: Various

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey (#WTRAFSOG) began as a Facebook page created by Summer Daniels dedicated to helping book lovers discover great reads after FSoG. Over time, the page has grown in popularity and now has over 89,000 followers!

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The Divine One

danielle mani

Book Title: The Divine One

Author: Danielle R. Mani

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

Release Date: June 2014

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Delilah Simms is an attractive high school senior who is being bullied by a cruel group of girls she calls the Imitators. As if the emotional harassment isn’t enough, she is also trying to heal from the sudden, tragic loss of her younger sister, Darcy—whom her mother believes is sending messages from beyond the grave.

On the verge of a breakdown, Delilah meets River Spencer—a handsome young man who she’s instantly attracted to. Although River seems perfect, Delilah can’t ignore the gnawing feeling that River is hiding something and that he may just be the biggest imitator of all.

Meet the Author

Danielle R. Mani is a former elementary school teacher and writer. A huge fan of speculative fiction in print and film, she wanted her first book to fall within this category. In her new young adult novel, The Divine One, Ms. Mani combines supernatural fiction with the everyday dramas of young adulthood. She loves to read and write novels that are fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Ms. Mani holds a master of science degree in education and a bachelor of arts degree in mass communications. She resides in Westchester, New York, with her husband, four young children, and two dogs.


Although Delilah hated the way she was feeling, she knew that she wasn’t alone. She had read countless magazine articles about students who tried to take their own lives—and about some who succeeded—just because they couldn’t deal with the torment of high school any longer.

For a moment her mind shifted to her friend, Damon. Damon and Delilah met in Spanish class when they were freshmen. They spent an entire semester passing notes to each other, which was probably why she only knew about three Spanish words. Damon was openly gay, and no one at school seemed to have a problem with it. That’s why everyone was so shocked when they heard that Damon hanged himself with a belt in his bedroom closet. Unfortunately, Damon’s parents did have a problem with him being gay, but no one knew about it until it was too late.

Delilah had also gone down a bad path a few months ago. She was ashamed to think of it now. Not only was she dealing with problems at school, but she was also having her share of problems at home. She experienced a really weak moment shortly after her father moved out. Susan was going off on one of her rants about communicating with Darcy in the afterlife, and Joe just couldn’t take it anymore. Every time Delilah heard them fighting, she blamed herself. She was aware that her parents knew she was the one responsible for Darcy’s death.

“D, are you all right? You look like you’re a million miles away.” Without waiting for a response, Susan continued. “Anyway, I think it’s very commendable that you want to focus on college, but please don’t let anyone take away your special high school moments. You should be thinking about fun things like your senior prom.”

I can’t believe she even said the P word, Delilah thought. She had finally made peace with the idea of not going to her senior prom. Why did she have to bring that up? “I’ve told you a million times that I don’t want to go to prom and I don’t want to walk at graduation. I just want my diploma mailed to me.”

“D, honey, I know how you’re feeling betrayed and hurt right now, but please don’t let these girls get the better of you. You don’t want to look back when you’re old like me and have regrets.”

“Mom, let’s just drop it,” Delilah said, taking one last gulp of her iced tea.

“I just worry about you. I want you to be happy.”

“Then just leave this alone,” Delilah said crushing the plastic cup in her hand and walking toward the garbage can.

“Are you sure that you don’t want anymore pizza?” Susan said, trying to change the subject.

“No, thank you.”

“Then have your doughnut. I can put on some tea and we can talk.”

The thought of touching a doughnut made Delilah feel sick. “No thanks, Mom, I just want to finish my homework, take a shower, and get to bed.”

“OK, I’ll finish cleaning up. I’ll wrap the rest of those slices in some foil so your father can—” she stopped herself. “Force of habit,” she said, looking up teary-eyed. “I keep thinking that he’s going to walk through that door.”

“I’m sure he’ll come home again soon. He probably just needs some time alone,” Delilah said, trying to sound optimistic.

As Delilah walked back to her room, she thought about how her dad better come home soon. The last time she went to visit him she noticed that he was acting strangely. It reminded her of an article she read in Cosmopolitan that said when a man was cheating he might start to exhibit certain behaviors. One of the things it mentioned was that he might start worrying about his appearance more. He may buy new clothes, start wearing a new brand of cologne, or restyle his hair, which in her father’s case wasn’t necessary because he was bald. Another thing she remembered reading was that a man may start to hide things like his cell phone from his wife, in case he receives messages, texts, or misses calls from the other woman. Note to self: if Dad starts sporting a new wardrobe, wearing different cologne, or hiding his cell phone, he’s probably messing around.

Later that night, after she showered and dried her hair, Delilah thought about the mystery man she met earlier. She wondered what his name was and wished that she had someone to discuss it with. She felt so lonely. Usually Charlotte would be the first person she would call about something like this. Things were never the same between the two of them after they started high school and became friends with the Imitators. Delilah wished they had never met Rachael Nappi. She was a jealous, evil girl who would do almost anything to get her way.

Delilah began to think back to when everything started to go downhill. With a tendency to replay things over and over again in her mind—an unhealthy habit that often brought on panic attacks, she ruminated over the details of her high school drama, and came to the same conclusion that she always did. The only person she had to blame for this whole situation was herself.


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Title: STING (Spark, #4)
Author: Jennifer Ryder
Genre: Steamy Erotic Romance
Release Date: Early 2015


After two years undercover, Detective Ryan Clark is tasked to the job he’s been waiting for. Ryan, together with undercover operative, Mick Gallagher, could very well be the men responsible for bringing together the biggest drug bust in Australia’s history.

The seemingly sleepy coastal town of Fremantle, has become a hotspot for a newly formed drug syndicate, which threatens to flood the market with high-grade coke through the ports.

Settling into his new locale, scouting out the local haunts, Ryan finds himself coming back to the same coffee shop. The attraction to Blondie, the local barista, has him puzzled. He knows it’s not just one-sided.

She’s trying to keep her distance.

It only makes him want her more.


Willow Asher left it all behind. Not by choice.

After two long years, she’s finally getting somewhere. Willow has a busy cafĂ© a stone’s throw from the beach. It’s her pride and joy, and her buxom business partner, Gabby, is the closest thing to family to speak of.

Although Willow’s past still plagues her thoughts, she’s determined to one day have her happily ever after. Just not yet.

What she doesn’t need is the complications of Mr Sexy-Brown-Eyes, who seems to be drinking more and more coffee.

She doesn’t want the questions.

She’s still trying to get her story straight.

The curvy redhead behind the counter warmly greets everyone like their old friends, winking and smiling, her iridescent hot pink lipstick unmissable. Her silver nametag bears the name ‘Gabby’.

“Well, it’s a good morning now,” the redhead says, her hazel eyes sizing me up when I move to the front of the line. She smirks, and readies her hand on the register. “What’ll it be, honey?”

“Large flat white, thanks.”

“That’s four dollars, please.”

I pay, and she hands me my change, her hot pink fingernails grazing my outstretched palm. The redhead slides a piece of paper across the counter and a small hand from behind the machine takes it. Apart from the noise you wouldn’t even know someone was there with the cups piled high on top.

A flash of messy blonde hair dashes out from behind the machine. “Is that take,” she says, and her jaw goes slack as her pretty eyes scan from my chest up to my face.

“Huh?” I say, leaning in closer to the counter, taking in an eyeful of her petite body, golden tanned skin against the stark whiteness of her tank top. I don’t miss the growing blush that’s spreading across her freckled cheeks either.

She shakes her head and briefly closes her eyes as she huffs out a breath. “Sorry, take-away?”

“Nah, think I might stay?” I say and nod. Yep. Definitely staying.

“Um, sure. Take a seat,” she says and turns to her colleague. “Gabs, can you give him a number?”

“Oh, honey. I’ll give this one a number alright.”

I chuckle, and take the number on a metal stand that she hands me. Blondie gives me a tickle of a smile and then returns behind the machine.

I lazily wander to the only vacant chair in the corner, and wait impatiently for blondie to deliver my coffee.

I’ve got a fuckin’ good feeling I’m gonna enjoy this assignment.
© Jennifer Ryder 2014

Jennifer Ryder Spark series
Spark (Spark #1): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N
Spike (Spark #2): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N
Strike (Spark #3): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | B&N

About that Author
New Adult and erotic romance writer, and author of the Spark series.

A sexy imagination, a life-long love of books and a sucker for romance, Jennifer Ryder couldn't stifle her creativity any longer.

Writing steamy adult romance has become her new focus. Living on a rural property in New South Wales, Australia, she enjoys the best of city and country.

Her loving husband is ever willing to provide inspiration, and her two young cherubs, and sheep that don't see fences as barriers, keep life more than interesting.

Jennifer placed third in the International Stringybark Erotic Short Fiction Award 2013.

love 2

Lola Carlyle's 12-Step Romance

Lola Carlyle's 12-Step Romance
Release Date: 05/05/14
Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:

Lola Carlyle is lonely, out of
sorts, and in for a boring summer. So when her best friend Sydney calls to rave
about the fun she’s having at a luxurious Malibu rehab (it’s basically a spa!)
and reveals that the love of Lola’s life, Wade Miller, is being admitted, Lola
knows what she has to do. Never mind that her worst addiction is decaf
cappuccino; Lola is going to rehab.

Lola fakes her way into Sunrise Rehab, only to discover she’s actually expected
to be an addict. And get treatment. And she has insane roommates, and an
irritatingly attractive intake advisor, Adam, who’s determined to thwart her at
every turn. Worst of all is the strictly enforced NO ROMANCE rule.

Oh, and Sydney? Is gone.

Turns out Sunrise is more jail-like than spa-like, and it’s going to take more
than Lola bargained for just to get through the program.

About the Author
Danielle Younge-Ullman is a novelist, playwright and
freelance writer. She studied English and Theater at  McGill University,
then returned to her hometown of Toronto to work as professional actor for ten
 years. Danielle’s short story, Reconciliation, was published in MODERN
MORSELS—a McGraw-Hill  Anthology for young adults—in 2012, her one-act
play, 7 Acts of Intercourse, debuted at Toronto's SummerWorks Festival in 2005,
and her adult novel, FALLING UNDER, was published by Penguin in 2008.
Danielle lives in Toronto with her husband and two daughters.

Author Links:

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