Aug 29, 2016

You Look Different in Real Life

You Look Different in Real Life
by Jennifer Castle

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pub Date: June 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed
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For the rest of the world, the movies are entertainment. For Justine, they're real life.

The premise was simple: five kids, just living their lives. There'd be a new movie about them every five years, starting in kindergarten. But no one could have predicted what the cameras would capture. And no one could have predicted that Justine would be the star.

Now sixteen, Justine doesn't feel like a star anymore. In fact, when she hears the crew has gotten the green light to film Five at Sixteen, all she feels is dread. The kids who shared the same table in kindergarten have become teenagers who hardly know one another. And Justine, who was so funny and edgy in the first two movies, feels like a disappointment.

But these teens have a bond that goes deeper than what's on film. They've all shared the painful details of their lives with countless viewers. They all know how it feels to have fans as well as friends. So when this latest movie gives them the chance to reunite, Justine and her costars are going to take it. Because sometimes, the only way to see yourself is through someone else's eyes.

Smart, fresh, and frequently funny, You Look Different in Real Lifeis a piercing novel about life in an age where the lines between what's personal and what's public aren't always clear. 

My Review: I've read other books by this author and I loved them. However it wasn't the case for this book. It sounded good, but I just couldn't get into the book. I found it slow and boring. I tried but I only got about halfway before I had to put the book down.

My Rating:

Dark and Twisted Obsessions

Aug 27, 2016


by William Ritter

Book: Jackaby #1
Publisher: Algonquin
Pub Date: September 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Print
Source: Borrowed
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“Miss Rook, I am not an occultist,” Jackaby said. “I have a gift that allows me to see truth where others see the illusion--and there are many illusions. All the world’s a stage, as they say, and I seem to have the only seat in the house with a view behind the curtain.”

Newly arrived in New Fiddleham, New England, 1892, and in need of a job, Abigail Rook meets R. F. Jackaby, an investigator of the unexplained with a keen eye for the extraordinary--including the ability to see supernatural beings. Abigail has a gift for noticing ordinary but important details, which makes her perfect for the position of Jackaby’s assistant. On her first day, Abigail finds herself in the midst of a thrilling case: A serial killer is on the loose. The police are convinced it’s an ordinary villain, but Jackaby is certain it’s a nonhuman creature, whose existence the police--with the exception of a handsome young detective named Charlie Cane--deny.

Doctor Who meets Sherlock in William Ritter’s debut novel, which features a detective of the paranormal as seen through the eyes of his adventurous and intelligent assistant in a tale brimming with cheeky humor and a dose of the macabre.

My Review: I wanted to like this book, but that didn't happen. First off, my book had to be read backwards and upside down. I hope that was just printed wrong and not the way it was supposed to be.  The book was also slow for me. It just wouldn't pick up and grab my attention. 

I ended up putting the book down. 

My Rating:


Penelope Marshall
(Mr. Black, #1)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Elijah Black, a hardcore Navy SEAL, eats, sleeps, and lives for his missions—and little else…
The self-proclaimed playboy has no time for relationships, unless it’s between the sheets. So he’s more than happy to leave for his newest mission, a quick extraction of a terrorist believed to be responsible for a series of bombings in Europe. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and the terrorists take Elijah prisoner.
Nasima was only supposed to care for his body, not his heart…
As the nurse charged with keeping the prisoner alive, Nasima is alone with Elijah every day. Sparks fly between them, but Elijah makes it clear he cares little for Nasima’s traditions and only wants her for her body. Still, she grows to care for the broken soldier, and it isn’t long before she begins to dream of abandoning her strict upbringing for Elijah’s tempting embrace.
A passionate encounter leads to more than just feelings…
After Elijah’s failed escape and another beating, Nasima is found comforting him and suffers the consequences. Just as Elijah realizes he will do whatever is necessary to save her, but before they can get to safety, Nasima reveals a secret that may be Elijah’s undoing.
Will Nasima’s secret keep her from breaking through Elijah’s tough exterior in time for another escape, or will he decide to make the journey alone?

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Author Bio:
Penelope Marshall was born in the Philippines, and raised in Southern California.
She picked up writing in early 2016 and instantly fell in love with the craft. Her writing runs the romance gamut from sweet romantic comedies, to tough alpha male military suspense thrillers, with a little young adult, and paranormal thrown into the mix.
A good plot twist is what drives Penelope’s writing, striving for that jaw dropping moment at the end of each book.



Laney McMann
(Fire Born #1)
Publication date: Revised book with new content coming September 2016
Genres: YA Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Are some truths worth risking your life for?
What if it meant admitting your nightmares were real—and so were your delusions?
Seventeen year-old Layla Labelle’s hallucinations have driven her to the brink—and she isn’t telling anyone. But when her dreams walk into her life in the form of Max MacLarnon, she is forced to rethink everything she thought she knew. Including whether or not Max actually exists.
Learning the truth will mean fighting an arsenal of demons, and being with Max will put her on a path toward her own destruction. When Layla’s world erupts into a dangerous reality, and every fact of her life forsakes her, she must remember who, and what, she is if she’s going to stay alive.
In a world where nightmares walk the earth, an ancient curse lives in an age-old legend the supernatural aren’t prepared to reveal. Layla will have to uncover the secret her ancestors are hiding, and make the biggest decision of her life—embrace who she is and follow the one she loves into a world of deadly myth and legend, or turn her back on her history, her destiny, and her love.
In TIED, Book One of The Fire Born Novels, what Layla and Max don’t know could kill them both. And unless they can find a way to stop the curse—the truth might tear them apart forever.
How far would you go … to protect the one you love?

Author Bio:
Young Adult Dark Fantasy Writer, Myths and Legends Believer, Voracious Reader, Music Snob, World Builder, Poet, Quote Junkie. My thoughts on Writing, Social Media, Reading, Books, Publishing, and Music. Generally. Author of The Fire Born Novels TIED, TORN & TRUE Author of The Primordial Principles CRYSTALLUM 2015, DAEMONEUM 2016 Author of The CrossWorld Chronicles CROSSROADS (2016) Pub'd by J. Taylor Publishing, Jagged Lane Books, and formerly by Booktrope Editions Publishing.


A Harmless Little Game

A Harmless Little Game
Meli Raine
(Harmless, #1)
Publication date: October 18th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Four years ago I lost my virginity on live, streaming television.
Too bad I wasn’t awake for it.
The video went viral. Of course it would. A Senator’s daughter on camera? Wouldn’t you click “share”? Besides, that’s what three of the four guys in the video did.
They shared me.
But that fourth guy? The nondescript one in the background in the upper left corner of the screen, just sitting on the couch? The only one who did nothing?

Not one single thing.
That was my boyfriend, Drew.
And that was the last time I saw him.
Until today, when my father—now on a path to the White House—hired him as head of security for my new team as I return home after four years of “recovering” in an undisclosed location that involved white lab coats, needles, pills and damage control.
You see, the other three guys never went to jail. Never had charges pressed.
Never faced consequences.
Until today.
Game on.
* * *
A Harmless Little Game is the first in this political thriller/romantic suspense trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.

A Harmless Little Ruse
Meli Raine
(Harmless, #2)
Publication date: October 25th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
She has no idea what she’s doing. Loose cannons never hit their targets.
And they take out plenty of collateral damage.
Four years ago Lindsay experienced the unspeakable right before me, and I couldn’t stop them.
But that’s all changed now.
When her father, Senator Bosworth, contacted me to ask — demand — that I protect her, it was a second chance. A shot at redemption.
An opportunity to right an unspeakable wrong.
Controlling Lindsay as she seeks her revenge on the monsters who hurt her won’t be hard.
Containing my own out-of-control feelings for Lindsay and keeping up this ruse of cold-blooded distance will be.
Even harder than admitting to her what really happened that night four years ago.
It turns out I don’t have to, though.
Someone else did it for me.
And I’ll make sure they regret it.
* * *
A Harmless Little Ruse is the second book in this political thriller/romantic suspense trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine, and is entirely from Drew’s perspective.

A Harmless Little Game
Meli Raine
(Harmless, #3)
Publication date: November 1st 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Turns out there was a second video from that awful night four years ago. Mine wasn’t the only tape.
Too bad mine wasn’t the worst.
Drew can’t protect me no matter how hard he tries, but the roles are flipped now. I have to help him, but I’m not wired that way. Not anymore. That one night changed me more than anyone knows.
More than anyone could predict.
Three men think they’re above the law. They’re right.
But I’m willing to go beneath the law to make sure they never harm anyone else. Their threats don’t scare me.
When you have nothing left to lose because someone took it all away, you create the most dangerous creature imaginable.
Game over.
* * *
A Harmless Little Plan is the final book in the political thriller/romantic suspense trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.


Author Bio:
Meli Raine writes romantic suspense with hot bikers, intense undercover DEA agents, bad boys turned good, and Special Ops heroes — and the women who love them.
Meli rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.


Descendant Prophecies Box Set

Title: Descendant Prophecies Box Set
Author: Mary Ting
Genre: NA Mythology
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

"A fast paced adventure full of mystery, action, magic and romance! Readers won't be able to put this book down!" InD'tale Magazine

"A story that is Electrifying with love. Get ready to be shocked!" Janie, Crossangels

"From Gods takes mythology to a whole new level of imagination with its incredible plot and amazing characters. It's full of hotness that you never want to end!" Michele, Insane About Books

"From Gods by the AMAZING AUTHOR Mary Ting is OMGods good!! If you even LIKE Greek Mythology, set aside some time because you will DEVOUR Mary Ting's Demi Gods and Vultures!!!" Mindy, Books Complete Me

"This book is "electric" as it blends paranormal romance, mythology (which I love), action and suspense together for an amazing read. Mary Ting, you've done it again! This book exceeded my expectations and I was literally blown away as if I were struck by lightning!" Vanessa, Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Author Links:

Buy Link:

From Titans Excerpt:
Nick sprang from behind and pounded on the invisible wall. “You crazy bitch! Let my brother go.”
Hades held him back. “You’ll have to excuse him. He’s been going a bit crazy looking for his brother. I’m sure you understand.”
Eris glared and hissed, showing her perfect white teeth. “Don’t be a fool, Nick, or you’ll never see your brother. But he’s not really your brother. Isn’t he just a half-brother? Anyway, I can’t wait to call you brother-in-law. We’ll become one happy family.” She showed off her white teeth but didn’t smile.
Nick covered his ears. “Over my dead body.”
“Now, now. Behave, little one,” she scolded, waving her finger. “Or I just might give you what you wish for. Death is permanent, you know…at least for your kind.”
Nick growled, and light shot from his fingertips. Everett held him back. When Zeus gestured with his hand, Nick stilled.
Zeus focused on Eris again. “Where’s Cronus? Tell him to show himself.” His calm tone sounded confident, but I knew he feared his father.
“Cronus isn’t here.”
“Liar!” Zeus sent the lightning from his staff. It flashed into the invisible wall and burst in brightness, blinding us, but it didn’t penetrate the wall.
Eris laughed, like Zeus had told the funniest joke. “I’m the goddess of my domain. You can’t hurt me here. I call the shots, Zeus. Funny how the roles are reversed. I kind of like that. But don’t worry. You’ll see him soon enough—or not. When I say so. So, would you like to come to my party, or are we going to argue all day?” Eris brushed the side of her hair, smirking. “It’s funny how Zeus is begging to come to my party. It was the other way around before.”
“I’m not begging,” Zeus growled, his eyes crackling with electricity. His rage shook the ground. “You’re forcing me to come. Get this over with before I do something I won’t regret. And to clarify: It wasn’t my wedding. I didn’t send out the invitations, but if I had, I wouldn’t have invited you anyway.”
Eris threw a daggered glare at Zeus and waved her hand. As the invisible wall started to disintegrate, a new world materialized.

Aug 25, 2016

Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices

Heroes for Hire: Discount Prices
by C.S. Feldman

Book: Heroes for Hire #!
Publisher: C.S. Feldman
Pub Date: September 1, 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon   

Sure, everybody knows about the great heroes of legend. The ones people write songs about, the ones who lead the charge against the monsters that lay waste to cities or against an army of invaders that outnumber the good guys twenty to one—you know, the best heroes that money can buy. Trouble is, not everyone can afford their services.

Fortunately, the best heroes are not the only ones on the market.

Which is just what harried waitress Peg Brickner accidentally discovers after receiving an unusual—and, as it turns out, otherworldly—tip from a peculiar customer in the middle of one rotten dinner shift. Life on Earth is hard enough, but life in the magical world of Cantrial? Forget about it. Five minutes after being unsuspectingly yanked into it by an unscrupulous B-List talent scout for heroes, all Peg wants to do is get back home again before something in this crazy new world kills her or eats her with ketchup. Or both.

Trouble is, getting home may be a lot harder than leaving it was. Thanks to a bunch of greedy bureaucrats, Peg’s way home is about to be destroyed—unless she reluctantly joins a trio of magical misfits on a high-stakes heroes-for-hire mission in an attempt to recover stolen property before their rivals—or a roguishly charming thief—beat them to it.

She knew she should have called in sick today…

My Review: I get to read another book by Christine (:

If you've seen me review her other books, then you'll know this one is different from the others, but it's just as good.

We all know about heroes. They're strong, save people and cities. Fight off monsters and put those bad guys away. There are so many hero stories out there, along with different legends on that hero. 

Anywho, this story has a different take and I liked it. Peg, was having a rough shift. A talent scout comes and takes her into the world of Cantrial. Yeah, its really not all what Peg suspected, plus she wans't exactly thrilled to just have been yanked into the world. All she really wants is to go home. At least there, she won't worry about being killed with ketchup. Yes, I said ketchup. 

However, going back home is not easy. Nope, they made getting back home very difficult. So why not join a group of misfits on mission. A heroes for hire mission. All you have to do is beat your rival in doing whatever your mission is. Recover stolen property seems like such an easy task right? will be in store for some surprises. In the meantime, Peg really should have called in sick. She could have dealt with missing work and missing this lovely mission. 

Like I said, this is different from the other books I've read. But the story is still great. Everything you expect from Christine is there. She doesn't disappoint and had a real fun take on heroes! So worth the read. 

My Rating:

Hero's for Hire Excerpt

Heroes for Hire --- excerpt

            “There,” Riley said, pointing ahead.  “In the trees.  That’s where they’ll be waiting.”
            Peg panted for breath and squinted in the direction that Riley pointed.  Something just behind the tree line made the trees rustle, something large.  She stiffened.  “What was that?”
            “What was what?”
            “That… that flash of green.”  At least, she thought it had been green.  The light was still poor this early in the morning.
            “Probably Masie.  She really ought to stay back and well out of view, but sometimes she gets curious.  Probably anxious to meet you.”
            “And Masie is a…?”
            But Riley was already moving again, leaving Peg little choice but to follow and resort to merely shooting dirty looks at the back of his head.  “Watch your step,” he cautioned as they neared the trees.  “Ground’s a bit uneven here.”
            His warning came a second too late, and Peg stumbled even as he spoke, landing on her hands and knees.  Picking herself up off the ground, she brushed dirt from her baggy new breeches and looked up to find a large reptilian face mere inches from her own.
            Peg shrieked and stumbled backwards only to trip and go sprawling onto her backside.  This was it.  Not even officially on the road yet, and already she was about to be eaten.  She would have screamed again, but her mouth was suddenly too dry to make any other sounds.  Cringing, she held her arms up in front of her face as if that would somehow protect her and delay the inevitable.  Yes, it was probably stupid and a complete waste of time, but with the toothy creature this close to her already, stupid was really all she had left.
            But it didn’t bite her.  Instead, the beast snorted softly and studied her with wide, curious eyes.  “Easy there, Masie,” Riley told her, chuckling and patting her on the nose.  “Give her a little breathing room.  They don’t have dragons where Peg comes from.”
            Peg remained frozen in place on the ground, her eyes and mouth open wide.  It really was a dragon, complete with scales, wings, and those very large teeth.  The only thing missing was a plume of smoke and fire coming from each nostril.  Maybe she would get to see that later, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to.
            The creature was larger than an elephant although much slimmer, and its scales were a delicate shade of greyish green with flecks of brown and black that no doubt served as excellent camouflage.  Its wings, though—something seemed to be wrong with them.  Squinting again, Peg peered more closely, her heart still pounding but perhaps not quite so fast as before since Riley was still petting the dragon without any apparent fear of being eaten.  One of the wings looked as large as one might expect to see on an animal this size, but the other was ridiculously small, and there was no way it could possibly fly with wings like those.
            The dragon hung its head then as if embarrassed by her scrutiny, and Peg quickly stopped her gaping and looked away.
            “Look sharp, folks,” Riley said, reaching out a hand to help Peg to her feet, and she was too dazed to do anything but take it.  “Meet Trukner’s replacement, Peg Brickner.  Say hello, Peg.”
            She couldn’t have managed that single word right now no matter how hard she tried, but she did raise her hand in a feeble sort of wave that faltered before it even began.  She recognized Grodan when he trotted out from the shrubbery, still in his doggy chainmail, but she had no idea what to call the creature that followed him.  It looked like a cross between a squid and a very large centipede.  Four eyes waved at her from atop spindly eyestalks, and Peg had to muffle an exclamation.  It moved closer on its mass of tentacles as if to get a better look at her, and she took a wary step back, her eyes on the gooey trail the creature left behind itself.
            “Back, Kraak,” Riley ordered the creature.  “Mind your manners.  Humans have different notions of personal space than Nirategs do.”
            A small, metallic box that Peg noticed for the first time around its… neck, she finally decided, beeped as the thing named Kraak made sounds like the squishing of water-soaked tennis shoes.  “Sor-ry,” came a mechanical voice from the box a moment later.
            “Nirateg?” Peg repeated, her mouth still dry but finally capable of speech.  She swallowed.  “What’s the Nirateg idea of personal boundaries?”

            “Never mind,” Riley returned.  “Let’s just say you’d consider his way of saying hello to be a little invasive.  In fact, on some worlds it would be considered a felony.”  He rubbed his hands together briskly.  “Let’s have a round of introductions, shall we?”


by Christy Deveaux

Publication date: May 28th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
While mourning the loss of a mother figure, Elizabeth Blake, a smart but socially introverted seventeen year old girl from Ann Arbor Michigan, thinks she’s enrolling in an international school in the south of France to finish her final year of high school. Instead, she falls in love; finds out that she is a witch from an ancient family –– who weren’t thought to exist anymore; and discovers that her life is in danger, as the Elders believe that she is the heir to a legend they fear above all else.
Wicka, the debut novel by Christy Deveaux, has been compared to other fantasy paranormal tales such as Twilight, written by Stephanie Meyer and Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling. Young adults and grown ups alike are sure to love this adventure filled magical romance.

Grab your copy for 99¢ for a limited time only!

Author Bio:
Christy Deveaux is the author of The Chronicles of Elizabeth Blake series. Her highly anticipated first book in the series, Wicka, was just released this spring (2014). Inspired by traveling across Europe solo at a very young age, and many travel adventures since, the character and story line behind Elizabeth Blake was born. Christy majored in political science and earned a cross-disciplinary degree from the University of Western Ontario. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband, three children and a fish named Cow.


Aug 24, 2016

How to Hang A Witch

How to Hang A Witch
by Adriana Mather

Book: How to Hang A Witch #1
Publisher: Random House
Pub Date: July 2016
Genre: Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon  Book Depository

Salem, Massachusetts is the site of the infamous witch trials and the new home of Samantha Mather. Recently transplanted from New York City, Sam and her stepmother are not exactly welcomed with open arms. Sam is the descendant of Cotton Mather, one of the men responsible for those trials and immediately, she becomes the enemy of a group of girls who call themselves The Descendants. And guess who their ancestors were?

If dealing with that weren't enough, Sam also comes face to face with a real live (well technically dead) ghost. A handsome, angry ghost who wants Sam to stop touching his stuff. But soon Sam discovers she is at the center of a centuries old curse affecting anyone with ties to the trials. 

Sam must come to terms with the ghost and find a way to work with the Descendants to stop a deadly cycle that has been going on since the first accused witch was hanged. If any town should have learned its lesson, it's Salem. But history is about to repeat itself.

My Review: Witch of my favorite subjects. There have been so many version of the trails, and this author nailed it! 

Sam is dropped into Salem. Left New York to live in Mass. Usually you go around and get to know the people. But that doesn't need to happen, in fact Sam isn't welcomed. Being related to someone who started the trails....well that doesn't tend to go well. Oh want to add on? Sam can see ghosts, is part of a curse and well things just get all kinds of weird. 

Sam and the Descendants need to work together. They need to put aside all the hate if they want to stop this deadly cycle. Otherwise they should just stand by and watch history repeat itself over and over. It will also be worse for those who have ties to the trials. 

As things get moving, the details go to another level of amazing. I loved how everything turned out, the characters, world building, twists, it's just one of my favorite Witchy books of the year! I don't typically tell you to drop everything, but this is one of those books that you need to read now!

My Rating:

Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody
Cynthia Roberts
(Love Song Standards #1)
Publication date: January 28th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pamela Landers had it all, a senior partnership with a top law firm, expensive car, and a luxurious condo. What she desired most was a loving husband, children and a life filled with precious memories that would comfort her through her golden years.
Funny how fate has a way of steering you down that path where dreams really can come true. When Pamela encounters Gavin Templeton along her journey, she has some life-altering decisions to make that eventually lead her to happily ever after.

Grab your copy for 99¢ on Smashwords using coupon AN23P – limited time offer!

Her next move was brazen as she stood on tippy toes and entwined her arms about his neck. She drew his head down to touch her lips to his, and he did not resist.
His hands roamed up the small of her back, following the seductive outline of her waistline, leaving a blazoned trail of sensations in their quake.
Her insides quivered as his mouth warmly opened and his tongue worked its way insider her mouth.
He took her face between his hands and aroused her with long, ravishing kisses, bringing to life a passion that had been dormant for far too long.

The cold Winter night did not chill her wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. Even the silvery moon that glowed overhead cast a radiance over the newly fallen snow and the couple.
She hungered for more than just kisses and knew that he could carry her to heights of ecstasy she never experienced before. She knew by the way he kissed and worked his magic over her that he was a man expert in loving a woman.
Pamela forced herself to sever their tie. As much as she wanted him in her bed, she could not rush into anything she would be sorry for later.
“You sure know how to kiss a woman, Gavin Templeton,” she exhaled as she fumbled in her purse for her keys.
“The pleasure is all mine,” he rasped.
He lifted her chin with the tip of his finger and looked at her warmly.
“I’d love to see you again, that is, if you feel the same”
“I would love nothing more. I’m starting back to work on Monday and going to take it slow at first. My schedule needs to be reworked and I have to prepare for a major case I’m committed to.”
Pamela looked away shyly for a brief moment and gathered Gavin’s hands in her own, drawing them to her breast.
“Law has been my life 24/7. I would love a reason to change that. I’m a little mystified by the way fate has brought us together. I also don’t want to rush things between us. I hope you don’t mind.” Her eyes pleaded for his understanding. “There’s so much I don’t know about you, and you me.”
Gavin grasped her by her shoulders and kneaded them softly.
“I’m not a love them and leave them kind of guy. I’m attracted to you and not because you saved my life. I was drawn to you the moment I laid eyes on you. I’m fine with slow. I can be very patient when I have to.”
Pamela’s eyebrow quirked playfully.
“Well,” he interjected, joking. “To some degree.”
She laughed and he drew her into his arms. When she tilted her head back to gaze into his eyes, he captured her lips once again and she moaned softly with pleasure.
He broke the kiss and smiled knowingly at the sound she made.
“Slow, hah?”
She jabbed his rib playfully and replied, “You keep kissing me like that, and that could change.”

Author Bio:
Please feel free to visit my website to read some wonderfully touching reviews and the direct links to them all.
My love of reading romance fiction goes back to those early years when I was raising a young family. It wasn't until much later in life I actually took up the pen to write and my first historical romance, Wind Warrior was born. I don't fit into one specific genre. When the ideas start to flow, lord only knows what category they'll fit into **wink wink **
I wish I could have gotten to this point in my career much sooner rather than later but, life simply got in the way far too many times. Because of those multiple detours, however, I have become a more passionate and expressive writer and can draw upon those painful moments in my past when I need to create the kind of raw human emotion I want my readership to feel.
It is my hope my readers walk away with not just an entertaining read but the importance in knowing, "Without imagination & dreams, we lose the excitement of wonderful possibilities."