May 20, 2012


By Claudia Gray

Book: Evernight #3

Publisher: HarperTeen
Pub Date: March 8 2011
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Bought
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It's going to be okay, Lucas, I thought, willing him to hear me past the divide between this world and the next. Wasn't he about to cross that divide to return to me? So maybe we were close enough for him to listen.We're dead, but we can still be together. Nothing matters more than that. We're stronger than death. Now nothing else ever has to come between us. You and I never have to be apart again.

Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality: they have become what they most feared. Lucas is a vampire, and Bianca is a wraith. Together, they've overcome every obstacle life has thrown at them and fought pitched battles against enemies - mortal and otherwise. Now they must face their biggest challenge so far. They must discover if their love is strong enough to survive what comes after life...

My Review: You finally figure out what Bethany is up to and why the humans attend the school.  Bianca has found a way to stay in human form and be there for Lucas. While Lucas is a vampire he continues his struggle to stay the same, not for himself but for Bianca.  Lucas and his mother meet and Bianca reveals her new self to her parents. Vic finally gets to see Maxie the ghost that has been living in his attic. This book leaves alot of questions in the end like what happens with Balthazar? What happens with Vic and his ghost? What about all of Bianca's friends? None the less I do love the ending of this book.“I’ll never die, he said. Before I could protest, Lucas put two fingers on my lips, his smile seemed to fill the room with lights and I realized he was telling a deeper kind of truth then I’d ever known before

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