May 27, 2012

Review Request!

The Secret of Ravelston
     By Sergio Silveira
Jane Freemont is British young lady with a very big problem.  She is modern girl...but she lives in early 19th Century.  Jane has a critical, inquiring mind that is always ready to state her honest opinions--no matter whom she may inconvenience.  This causes the young gentlemen to run away for her--for men surely can welcome women's criticism so much more than they do.  But that's our loss.

Jane's older brother, and only living relative, has sent her to live far away where he believes her critical and inquiring mind will no longer create problems for him.  But as Jane arrives in beautiful Ravelston, she becomes determined to discover the fate of another, yet much less privileged, young woman who has mysteriously vanished. In Ravelston no one seems to care about what happened to Mary Hale, who was seen as unimportant because she was poor. But Jane will risk everything, even her future, to find out the truth. 

  In the beginning Jane is in a car on her way out of town. Because of her inquisitive mind she is sent out of town by her brother, and there are said to be only two people left on her family.  On the way to Ravelston, Jane tells Mrs. P her reason for going there. At that Mrs. P began to tell a story of her own, about her husband. Which lead her to be a governess for Jane's uncle.  Jane arrives and sees her uncle and he is surprised to see her, Safe to say he does not know why she is there until she leaves the letter out for him to read later. On there return from the market Jane asks Mrs P about the old housekeepers room. Mrs P. tells that Mary had just disappeared, and the not one person knew of her. Jane begins to wonder why. Jane decides to leave it alone, hoping to stay out of trouble. By staying out of trouble she hopes that her brother will notice and be able to go back home. In the end of the story the barricades are being taken down and things are taking a turn for the best.