Jun 10, 2012

Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune
By Christine Johnson

Book: Claire de Lune #1

Publisher: Simon Pulse
Pub Date: May 8 2010
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Bought
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At Claire Benoit’s sixteenth birthday party, all anyone can talk about are the recent werewolf attacks that have ravaged her town. Claire, however, is more interested in the flirtations of soccer god Matthew Engle, who graciously ignores the mysterious rash on her hands and ears. His attentions are the highlight of her evening—until she transforms into a werewolf! After learning she’s the latest in a long line of she-wolves, Claire is compelled to help her pack find and defeat the rogue werewolf who’s been killing humans—but she must keep her lupine identity a secret from her new boyfriend Matthew, whose father hunts her kind.

My Review: Claire has lead a normal like until her sixteenth birthday, where things started to get hairy. Claire notices that she has more hair than usual and she is experiencing some odd symptoms and has these odd cravings to match. Despite all this Claire meets this guy who returns her interest. Matt is the star on the soccer team. Claire deals with all these things until one night her mom wakes her up in the middle of the night. Her mom takes her into the woods behind her house, where they enter this tree that opens into a big hidden space. This is where all of Claire's strange happenings are answered. Claire is a werewolf, and begins to learn the new part of her life, and the biggest rule the pack has is that do not tell anyone what you are. Keeping their pack a secret is a life and death situation.