Aug 1, 2012

Q&A With Lucy Swing

1. What brought you to writing Feathermore in the first place?
As cliché as it may sound, it was a dream. The funny thing is, Feathermore is nothing like the dream I had. It was molded from it into what it is today, in order to better fit with the YA demographic. However, the original dream may be making an appearance in writing in the future.

2. How different is Jade in book 2 from book 1?
Very! She finally has a better grip on things, even though she feels like she is still always lost. She is much darker in book 2 and ready to kick butt and take names. She was a lot of fun to write.

3. Looking back, is there anything you would add/change in your book?
As far as the story goes, no, I wouldn’t. Sometimes I feel like my books are too short (280-292 pages long) but it is all action. I don’t fluff it up with unneeded descriptions. I find myself skimming through books that do that, do you? Or am I the only one? I don’t really care the color of the walls or how there is a crack on the tile from the time she dropped something, etc. Give me dialogue, give me action.

4. Would you go with Team Jade, Blake, Avan?
All of the above? I love every single character, even Lilith. In book 2 there is a slight love triangle and it was hard and painful for Jade to have to choose one.

 5. What can we look forward to next from you?
I am writing book 3 in the Trilogy, the last installment. *sheds a tear* I’d be sad to see it end, but looking forward to new projects in the near future.

6. What would say is your favorite part of writing your books?
Living it. Being there with the characters, feeling what they are feeling, seeing what they see, it’s a truly magical thing! Besides that, having the final product in my hand. Seeing my very own paperback is mind blowing.

7. Which character was the hardest to write, and which was the easiest?
Jade was easy for me, I really have her figured out and she just spoke to me. The hardest was Lilith, the bad guy. I wanted to deliver someone who was merciless, powerful and just pure evil. I am none of those things, so it was hard being in her shoes.

8. How did you feel when you found out Feathermore would get published?
I actually self-published. As I mentioned before, the best feeling was getting my first paperback. I had a sense of accomplishment. It was wonderful.

9. What do you like to do when you're not writing?
Read! I am a total bookworm. The past few months I was busy re-writing Fallenmore, so I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to. I am itching for a new read.

10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your books?
The Feathermore Trilogy books are fun, easy to get lost in and filled with romance, drama and kick ass action. If you haven’t read Feathermore yet, you can download it for only $.99cents on Amazon.

Thank you Serenity for having me over today! Have a wonderful day.

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Lucy Swing

Lucy Swing lives in sunny Florida with her husband and two children.
She is a YA Paranormal/ Romance writer, whose works include: Feathermore (Feathermore Trilogy #1 ), Fallenmore (Feathemore Trilogy #2) and Bloody Valentine, a vampire/witch novella.

She is an absolute book hoarder and must always have a book at arm’s length. Music is her muse, and there is always a soundtrack that plays along her life.
For more information on Lucy Swing please visit her website: and the Feathermore Trilogy blog:


Fallenmore (Book #2)