Sep 28, 2012

Deathless Love 18+

Deathless Love
by Renee Rose

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Stormy Night
Pub Date: Aug 31 2012
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
Source: Bought
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Kate Strand has always had a crush on Dominic, the owner of the club where her band plays, despite--  or perhaps because of-- the fact that he's a vampire.  But when he sniffs out her predilection for spanking and brings her fantasies to reality one night, she falls head over heels.  The trouble is, Dom is allergic to relationships, or so it seems.

Dom loves knowing how to turn Kate on and domination comes naturally to him.  But he believes he likes Kate more than is good for either of them.  In his mind, mortals and vampires don't mix, and the best thing he can do for her is stay far away.  But when another vampire targets Dom, Kate gets tangled in the dangerous web and Dom finds himself prepared to sacrifice his own life to save hers.  Can he get her back alive?  And if so, will they find a way to be together?

My Review: The book starts off with a house party. After the band plays, Kate the singer of the group has just finished when Fox, asks her to stick around and hang. She agrees to hang but helps the band get everything packed up first. Once done she goes to look for him and finds him in a room with another guy. Fox is at the guy's neck, not kissing him but biting. There is blood and fangs on Fox. Kate sees that he is a vampire and freaks out. He tells her that he won't hurt her. He could make her forget, but she has seen this before and doesn't want to continue erasing memories, in fear of damages. So he takes her and heads to her place. He lets her know that he is good just like the other two vampires he lives with. They don't turn or kill people. They only feed and afterward they don't remember anything. Once in her home and calm she thinks about Dom. The night club owner is a vampire too, which only made him hotter in her mind. The next day shes heads to the club where she will be performing. She sees Dom and then heads off to prepare. During a song Kate falls off the stage, due to all the drinks before hand. Stella the other vampire grabs her and brings her upstairs to the office. Stella and Fox then leave the room, so Dom and Kate could talk. However the talking part never happened. Dom and Kate shared moments together on the desk, and of course near the end Fox barges in. He is angry at what he sees. The following day she heads back to the club to meet up with Dom and head off to dinner. At the dinner they talk more about vampire stuff, and about Dom's life. After the dinner they both head over to Dom's club office, where once again Kate gets spanked, that turns into even more fun for the both of them. After a long time Kate heads downstairs and prepares for the set. Fox sees her and notices she was with Dom again. Of course he still isn't thrilled. Now fast forward to the middle of the story, we have Dom and Cara at a dinner. Yes Dom is with Kate, only he calls her Cara sometimes.  Now after the dinner they go off to a room, but before we can get anywhere, Dom gets a text from Fox and leave right away. Dom heads back to the club to find out what Fox knows about Phoenix and Roxanna. Apparently Roxanna is using other vampires as her minions, while Phoenix is trying to locate the group. There are some asking about Dom, and if he is alive and where he lives. After they talk and come up with some ideas to handle this, Dom goes downstairs and sees Kate on the stage working on some cords. He goes up to her and wonders why she is so mad at him. She asks him who Roxanna is and he gets out of control. He yells about that being why she is mad at him and besides that he is so angry Fox had to come in and talk to Dom so he wouldn't hurt Kate, from all his anger. He calms and bit and they talk. Once they are both calm and relax he quickly grabs her for a spanking before letting her go perform on the stage. After the show Kate and Dom head to his place. They have some quick fun before she heads off to bed. She wakes up on Dom and heads over to the shower. She stops when she sees the laptop he left upstairs with a note to check out some blogs. They were all about spanking and more. Kate spent at least two hours reading all kinds of things relating to her kink. After reading she begins to make breakfast for everyone. Once done she heads into Dom's room where he begins to test out some new trick he learned from the blog. Each new idea make Kate even more excited and only made Dom more in control. After some time Kate wanted some sunlight, and after she left, she forgot to close the shutters, leaving the vampires exposed. Dom gets blinded, but everyone else is fine. After that situation is settled, Dom and Kate  decide to watch a movie in his room. Well Kate watched and Dom held her. Kate just layed there since movement would hurt her ass.  They lay there and talk and next thing you know, the whole movie was ignored as Dom began to Spank Kate once again and have more sex. Afterward they lay there and fall asleep. When the next day came he had her get the mail. In one of the letters, he took out a credit card and gave it to her, with some limits. In a way showing that he'd be willing to be her suga daddy. Fast Forward to the end. Dom and Kate are no more, Dom left her and after weeks can still feel the connection with her. Even though it's been weeks without her blood, it still lingers enough to create a connection. So one night he woke up late feeling all upset and more, at what was bothering Kate. He heads over to the club to see whats wrong. Kate sees him and is still angry, but tells him she is pregnant. Dom is confused, because vampires couldn't have kids. He looks at her mind to see if anything was tampered with but, nothing. He checks her stomach and finds that its a baby girl and it's HIS. He is excited that he has a mortal family, and begs Kate to take him back. Later that night, Dom just shows up at her house, and after some talking they make up. Now the next day Dom planned a special day for just them. Sen flowers to Kate, gotten her the full spa treatment, and headed off to dinner. When at the restaurant, he asked her to marry her and things went along just fine. To know more, you'll just have to read the book. 


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