Sep 28, 2012

Deathless Love Excerpt

Deathless Love Excerpt

“I want to take off your panties myself,” he told Kate, who was nervously undressing. 
            “Oh!  Okay,” she said, stripping off everything else.
            Meow.  Yep, still hot.  He crooked his finger at her and she awkwardly came toward him. 
            “Hurry up.”
            She dove over his lap and he laughed.  He took his time, stroking the curves of her tight little butt, then he warmed it up over her panties, spanking lightly all over first, then mostly concentrating his smacks at the beautiful juncture where the butt meets the upper thigh, alternating butt cheeks.  She made little “oohs” and gasps and, as he started to increase the intensity of the smacks, she started to struggle and tighten her buns.  He gave her another dozen hard spanks and then stopped and rubbed.  She moaned softly. 
            He pulled her panties half way down her thighs and slipped his fingers between her legs.  Not that he needed any confirmation-- the heady smell of her arousal combined with the pleasure of having her so beautifully presented over his lap had already brought him close to orgasm.  Her pussy was slick and swollen.  She pushed her hips back at him eagerly.  He laughed and pulled his hand out, giving her several spanks that were a little bit harder than the first set.  She grunted and jerked, trying to escape his punishing slaps.  Her bottom was turning a lovely shade of blush.  He rubbed her again, and dipped his fingers between her legs again.  “Who's in charge, here, Kate?”
            “You are?” she asked timidly.
            “That's right,” he said, gliding his fingers up and down the glossy entrance of her sex.  She moaned.  “That means you'll get pleasured when I'm ready to pleasure you.  And you'll be patient until I do.”
            She made a tiny whimpering sound. 
            “You're lucky you have to work soon, or I might take all night to spank you.” 
            At that, she orgasmed, her butt cheeks tightening and a shudder running through her shapely thighs. 
            He laughed.  “I guess I had it wrong--you'll be pleasured when you feel like it!  All right, Kate.  Let's get serious.  Do you know why you're in trouble tonight?”
            She shook her head, which was buried in the covers of the bed. 
            “You were a naughty girl.  You're getting a spanking for letting those boys at the bar tonight make you uncomfortable.”  He started spanking her again, hard spanks.  It was divinely inspired, he thought.  One of the many reasons he'd been reluctant to get involved with Kate in this way was that she didn't need to be more submissive.  It may turn her on, but she'd be better served by standing a little more squarely on her own two feet.  She was a brilliant and talented young woman who didn't seem to know how to own her power.  So offering her a discipline incentive to do so seemed like an ingenious twist, if he didn't say (well, think) so himself. 
            She was gasping at the burn he was laying down.  He paused and rubbed.  “You're a grown woman, Kate, who frequents bars at least two, maybe three nights a week, is that right?”
            She nodded.
            “You need to learn how to send out appropriate signals.”  He adjusted her position slightly so that her butt was optimally presented and started spanking again, using the slap of his hand to punctuate his words.  “You do not always need to be nice.”  Smack.  Smack.  “And you do not need to lie.”  Three more smacks.  “And you most certainly do not need to rely on your friendly vampires to rescue you.”  With that he gave her ten hard spanks that made her struggle to get away.  He held her easily in place with his left hand. 
            “Kate,” he said lovingly.  “When I spank you, I want you to try very hard to stay in place for me.  Can you do that?”
            She didn't answer.  He could feel her emotions were starting to tangle.  He'd pushed her limits a bit with those last spanks and fear had set in.  Time to switch tactics.  He slipped his left hand under her hips and found her clit, dripping with the nectar of her arousal.  He rubbed her bottom with his right hand while his left made slow circles around her clit.  She started pumping her hips and moaning.  His right hand started spanking, slowly, and not too hard.  She groaned.  Gradually, gradually, he increased the tempo with both hands until she was writhing desperately under his hands.
            “Please.  Oh God.  Oh please... YES!  Oh!”  It was a magnificent orgasm.  He felt quite pleased with himself as she shuddered and contracted under his hands.  After the little earthquake, she lay sprawled across his lap with an absolute glow on her face, at least as far as he could tell from the half he could see.  She looked beautiful. 

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