Sep 23, 2012

Second Sight

Second Sight
by TC Hart

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Smashwords
Pub Date: Sept 2012
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Being gay in high school is not always easy, and now Kyle is having unexplained visions. His friend, Jenny, is convinced that he is psychic. When thefts occur at school, Kyle realizes that his visions may be the key to solving the crime, if only he could figure them out.

As editor of the school newspaper, Kyle almost has more on his plate than he can deal with. When the news staff tries to figure out who the thief is, personalities clash and tension rises. But the challenges will form friendships that Kyle never would have imagined. And Kyle’s world will be changed forever.

“So I’m both gay and psychic? That’s a lot for one high school guy to handle.”

My Review: Kyle is falling off a building, only to wake up suddenly. Kyle had to focus to make sure he was still in his room. He woke up knowing he had a phone call only to be off it for two minutes. Kyle has always had strange dreams, but hey what a fun way to start his day.  He quickly gets ready for school. Kyle is one of those guys that alot of girls find attractive and how they all love his green eyes. That's all great except for the fact Kyle is gay. Now at school Kyle runs into Jenny. He became good friends with her after they both signed up for the school newspaper. He likes that he can talk to her about anything, and he knows that she like Kyle, but he doesn't want to mention he's gay and risk losing her friendship. First thing Jenny mentions this morning is about a report she can write. Jenny is the head reporter and Kyle is the editor. They head into the cave(newspaper room) and they begin to get ready, when Kyle grabbed his stomach and everything went black. Then Jenny talking to him, he quickly recovered and went on. Everyone on the paper gathered around and began talking about the next issue. They go on with the meeting having everything settled for the next issue just before class starts. As Kyle  gets up to go he realizes he's seen this before and never had dejavu  like that. Kyle runs out the room only to be stopped by Brandi, the fashion girl of the newspaper. She tries to push her idea of best and worst dressed again, but Kyle still says no. As she runs off to a teacher, Kyle runs off to English, except he can;t escape. Brandi sits right next to him with a new idea, that Kyle lets her try.  After class he and Jenny head to the nurse's office to interview Ms. Goodwin about the theft. They talk about her stolen laptop and how it wasn't the only theft. It's the third laptop taken form the school along with thefts  happening in other schools. The school districts must know that they have a problem going on. Jenny gets excited and knows this is going to be a great big story. But Kyle cuts this short, so they can head to class, and help Ms. Goodwin. She was starting to get overwhelmed by all the questions.  They both head off to the next class and soon school was out and they all headed their own way. Kyle went to Kendra's house to drop off some dear Jane letter, when he gets all dizzy and see's his sister siting in front of her school worried. Then he remembers that he forgot to pick her up and left quickly to get her, while noticing that, the sight he saw was strange. The next day Kyle is waiting in the cave. It has been a week since the last meeting and Bruce is off ranting about the whole recycling thing. Kyle finds it too early and notices the nice job Jenny done to make the cave look more presentable.  Soon Jenny walks in  and eventually the rest of the crew walks in. They all begin to talk about the interview with  Ms. Goodwin, when Suddenly Kyle loses his breathe and everything goes blank. After seeing Kendra upset, he gets up and leaves to go look for her. They both walk to Kyle's car and talk. Kendra caught Ms Goodwin looking through a file in the cabinet that she wasn't supposed to look at. Then they go on to talk about the thefts going on around the schools and that another teacher has her purse stolen.  Kyle doesn't think Ms. Goodwin is behind any of the thefts. Later on after school Ky;e is at home waiting for his mom to get home. When is plan didn't work like he wanted, Kyle will need to figure out another way to find out what's wrong with him. The following day the newspaper crew meet up again, since yesterday's ended before it really started. They start the meeting with Kyle telling them then new information he got about the thefts and about Ms. Goodwin going through certain files. They all agree to do some work on this to find out whats going on. The next day they are outside a fabric store waiting on Ms. Goodwin. While waiting Kylie notices, that Jenny is mad at him and he can't stand it anymore and so asks her to tell him what's wrong. She blurts out that she is mad that Kendra told him the news and she had to hear it with the rest of the newspaper staff instead of being told before that, and she even said that Kendra was more important than her. She gets angry and so Kyle tells her about him fainting and she goes from angry to concerned. Before they can talk more, Ms. Goodwin walks out of the store. They tail her a while longer and notices that she heads for the school. They wait and keep an eye on her, and when she leaves the school she is carrying a laptop. Now going into the following day Kyle is having people over, and get his little sister stuff to keep her from bothering him. Once everyone arrives,  Jenny talks quickly with him about him fainting and if he's told anyone yet.  Everyone begins to talk about Ms. Goodwin and if they should doing something about her. When they find out that the secretary had told her that her new laptop had arrived and was placed on her desk before she went in to get it. But she isn't off the hook just yet, after all she was looking at those files.  The there is Doug, another suspect. After they talk about their next move and who does what they all go to leave. Jenny stays and tells Kyle he may be physic, after all everything he see's comes true. The next day they have a meeting to see how things are and next thing you know its homecoming dance. Now at the end of the book they all plant a trick to try and catch the thief, by saying there are alot of laptops at the cave and they hoped that a certain someone was listening, and he was. Eventually the thieve's are caught, although you'd be surprised at who it is and Kyle is beginning to come to terms with himself. Maybe he can handle being gay and physic. 

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