Dec 21, 2012


by Asher Tensei

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Paramance
Pub Date: Jan 21 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author Request
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Eurich is thrown into what seems like an ill-fated destiny. After learning of his legendary magic, he is convinced that he alone must stop the impending doom, but nothing is ever as it seems. Best friends Jason and Raine try their best to help him save the world, but help isn’t what he needs…he needs a way across the barrier.

Though not his choice, Eurich knows what’s going on. The world is headed towards Chaos and it’s because of a weakening barrier that hides Earth from a world that hasn’t been present in millennia.

The world is about to take a sharp turn for the worse. Extra moons are rising in the sky, panic is at an all-time high…and the worse thing about it is—there are no explanations.

Saving the world is just a step away…but is humanity worth him risking his own life?

My Review: 
This book is great as a debut book. I like this book, very good detail that can make you imagine. Now about the book. Eurich is the guy with a good heart, who is also a foster kid. Atleast he has a good couple taking care of him. He is starting school today and is mainly excited to see his two best friends, Raine and Jason. Albert (foster parent) says Raine like Eurich may have some feelings for her. As he heads off to his day, he is stopped because he forgot his stone. Serra (Foster mum) had made it into a necklace so that he wouldn't keep forgetting it. This stone has history and is very very important. More important than he may know. His parents are keeping something from him, and it won't be long until it comes into play. On his first day something happens, which leads him to learning about his history. Like when he came home from school he found some homes on fries, including his. He went in and found that the flames can't touch him. Yep that's just totally normal...  Eurich thinks of this as a dream and tries to jump thinking it will wake him up. Well not exactly, he hears this voice saying Samsera and then this figure appears saying how fate has sealed the day. The figure also mentions he must go there to set things right. She also mentions the word Mana. Then Eurich remembers! He has seen that word in the book the teacher had given him. He goes to get the book and finds the page on Dragoon Oblivion. He is so confused by this, and wonders why he was even given this book. Beofre he can do anything more the book desolves into sand. The woman tells him to say a word, which becomes his first spell. The stone drops and breaks, leaving an orb in it's place. Then suddenly he is being told to wake up. Raine is by him, telling him to wake up and that he can't be sleeping at the school. And so now his history shall start to be revealed.Now his history reveals things he never thought of, but before I say more, here is where you want to pay attention. This part of the book give a ton of details about him and his life.He finds that his parents are wizards, who live in another universe. There, the two of them can never be together. His real parents are Aster who is a dragon living in Samsera. His mum somehow crossed into his world and got pregnant. Since she was a human, giving birth to Eurich was more difficult. She ended up dying giving birth to him. So then his foster parents decided to take him to Earth and raise him there. Later he learns the Raine is his secret lover. So good thing he had feelings for her before knowing the truth behind his life. I do like that he thinks all these cute things about her. To bad took him forever to say anything. Time goes on and Eurich is able to find a way into Samsera. There he must figure out how to save the world before it ends. Before he can even do that he must have the people around him teach him. He must learn to harness the power before he can do anything else. I'll stop there. As for the ending, it will leaving you crazy waiting for the next book.


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