May 30, 2013

Melancholic Delight

Melancholic Delight
by Trista Ray

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Smriti
Pub Date: May 2013
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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‘There’s no love like the first love. There’s no feeling like the desperation to attain true love. Love or lust matters not when two eyes meet, uniting the souls at once’

It’s this love which frees Sri from the reign of darkness and makes her heart rise to lofty heights of anticipated passion with no one to pull her back to reality. It’s Jishu, who appears as the first ray of hope in her overshadowed life and showers her with the ultimate sense of freedom, which she has been craving for. He fills her life with the long awaited perfection. To a flawed person he appears as the flawless. He becomes one among her most perfect acquaintances, but is he really as unblemished as he appears to be. If so, can a flawed person risk a life with the flawless? Do opposites really attract each other or it deviate them from their normal avenues of life?

It’s a deeply compelling love affair which takes the readers back to their childhood memories and brings back to them the essence of true love.

The changing relations of a man’s life add force to the much ordinary teenage passion. The book is not just about love. It’s about a journey called life which either ends in melancholy or in delight.

My Review: This book was only a hand full of pages. So for a very short read I found this book to be very nice. The cover of the book is lovely and gives off this mystery that you just have to know what is behind that cover.  Within this book, love was used a lot. Yet I am mixed about it. I do enjoy that it was age appropriate for Sri and Jishu. Some books aren't as age appropriate as they appear. The way everything was told and expressed was lovely and brought the book to life in same way. Like at points of the story it may just remind you of things in your life. Jishu I would call my favorite. He isn't perfect, but appears that way because of Sri's life. If you compare them they are opposites in so many ways. Though they do make quite the attraction, which leads to a love. There are some points where I feel that loves was to much. It still made a good story, however the love in the story could have toned down at points. One thing is that I wish I knew more about the characters. If this was a full book I believe it still would have been awesome. Lets see....Sir and Jishu's relation changed a bit, though it was thrown into the story in a way that worked.....Hm I will stop there before I spoil the book to much.

My Rating:

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