Jun 13, 2013

Author Request Catalyst

by Marc Johnson

Book: The Passage of Hellsfire #1
Publisher: Smashwords
Pub Date: March 19 2011
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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For centuries, the kingdom of Alexandria has protected Northern Shala from the monstrous creatures lurking in the Wastelands. Now, a dark force threatens that fragile peace.

Far from home, Alexandria’s princess is abducted. When a young villager named Hellsfire stumbles upon her and her captors, he rushes in to rescue her, alone and unarmed. His fear and fury unleash an uncontrollable magical force that grants him the power to save the princess—and change the world.

Hellsfire has never craved nor dreamed of power. But such magic as he now possesses has not been seen in Northern Shala for a thousand years, since the devastation of the War of the Wizards and the creation of the Wastelands.

Now Hellsfire must leave all he’s ever known, and make a dangerous journey to learn to master this wild, ferocious power—power he knows he is not ready to wield. More difficult still, he needs to master his emotions. If he can’t, the power will consume him, Alexandria will fall, and darkness will eclipse the land, destroying everyone he loves.

My Review:  Well Well this book was something.  A different type of fantasy, leaving new twists that aren't in the other fantasy's out there. So that is a plus right? 

The book starts off strong with the birth of Hellsfire along with all the greatness that is to come.  Now some years later we find Hellsfire in a small town. He isn't exactly the ricest and coolest kid around, though he knows he is different. One day he is  helping a boy who is being bullied. He was able to help the boy, but not without facing some mud. Later he runs to his favorite place to be. A pond in the forest. When there he notices a girl being chased by men. Once he gets them away from her he find that she is special.This girl is a princess from another town. Soon her guards come and Hellsfire is rewarded.  It is now that Hellsfire has begune to realize he has these powers.Now at this point the book starts moving quicker, with this power hellsfire must learn to control it. This leads him to finding out that his mother told him that an angel visited him during his birth. Now knowing this, Hellsfire must set out to learn and control his powers to fulfill this destiny. Will it go right or wrong? That is my secret, and for you to read and find out. This book is great and leads to a hero scenario, which may be in a lot of books you see today, though it is so worth it!  What else....hm the style of the book is written for younger people. Perhaps up to 15 years old. Some words were repeated a lot when it came to some characters, though it fit for the audience. The name Hellsfire to me was different, though it was odd to name an actual person this, but hey whats a fantasy book without some oddness.  Now I'll say starting this book it was slow for me, though if you push through it about a few chapters in, you are caught. You get to the point where it flows nicely and you just keep on reading till the book is done. This book may give older readers different thoughts, though it can be a refreshing change.