Jun 10, 2013

He Belongs to Me

He Belongs to Me
by Theresa Rizzo

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Theresa Rizzo
Pub Date: June 15 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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He Belongs to Me is a love story . . . a tale of betrayal and deception and of a young mother's determination to recover what belongs to her.

Forced to leave her baby and tricked into relinquishing her parental rights, four years later Catherine Boyd is back and she'll do anything to regain custody of her son--even reconcile with the husband falsely accused of killing their son's twin.

All in the name of love for a little boy, generations of pain and tragedy are exposed in a courtroom drama

My Review:  Okay so I got this book with all kinds of thoughts about it. Well some of my thoughts were right! This book was pretty good and had a lot of aspects I wanted in a love story. So anyway about the book.  Tom and Cat are two people who are so in love and have their world planed out. They believed they were perfect for each other and their love was a perfect start to this love story. Things start to change for them and now I can only hope that their love is as strong as they believe.  You get the lies, hatred, family troubles, deceit, betrayal, pretty much everything that can go wrong, went wrong. Cat is like a super woman. She is strong, that everything she faced at the start and what she faced at the end, she was such a strong character through it all. It seemed like it was no biggie for her at times. You pretty much fall into this book and will feel so much for these characters that you will laugh, yell, flip out, like you were her.