Aug 22, 2013

Seven Moon Circus

Seven Moon Circus
by Randy Morrison

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: Ringleader Books
Pub Date: August 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

The Adventures of a Wild Boy in a Space Traveling Circus. The Wild Boy has no idea what a human may be . . . much less that he is one. But then a family of animal experts from a space traveling circus spots him from their hot air balloon. When they land in the Cloud Forest to investigate, he drops from his home in the trees and befriends them. Soon he must choose between the only life he's ever known--living with wild animals--and his only chance to live with his own kind. His fateful decision draws him into a human world of circus freaks, daring stunts, space ship adventures and . . . the battle for power over all of Empire Luna.

My Review: So this was a fun read. The beginning is slightly slow, but once you pass that point, you'll keep reading until the very end in one sitting. 

So I liked the whole idea of this book, it sounded fun and different. A wild boys adventure. Cool story that can be read by any age. I liked Marz, he was ok. lthough I would have preferred more of the wild boy’s point of view. I need to see more for my style. Since my readers know this isn't my favorite type of reading. Things happen in books, like when you think you got out scot free and then something jumps in your way. Around this part some extinct creatures appear and things about a missing queen pop up. 

Now I know how younger readers like more action in books, so this has plenty for them. Now for us older pAeople who like the know the characters and the action, there is just enough for us too. Though there could be more POV's thrown in from all the characters

Overall I did enjoy this book and the characters within.