Oct 27, 2013

Auhtor Request!! Little Red Gem

Little Red Gem 
by D. L. Richardson

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: D.L. Richardson
Pub Date: Oct 12 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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Love can make you do crazy things as Ruby Parker discovers when she dies and returns from the grave to unearth how much Leo Culver loved her. With the aid of bad advice from a ghost who is trapped by a curse, a little bit of magic courtesy of her unsuspecting half-sister, and a televised music talent show coming to town to hold auditions, Ruby Parker makes more of a mess in death than she ever did in life. Can she fix everything before it’s too late? Or will she spend eternity as a ghost, haunted by the unknown depths of love? Either way, one thing Ruby learns is that while love can make you do crazy things, it can make you do amazing things too. But at what cost?

My Review: LOVE THIS!!! When I first read about this book, it sounded similar to a series I just read. This book however, had much more love and wonder that I loved reading. When I read it, I was like how sad is it to die and not know how much that one guy loved you. When she came back to find out and got the truth I was soo happy for Ruby, even if it wasn't the easiest thing. Love is AMAZING, for anyone who finds it and knows just who you want to spend forever with. 

Ruby...oh Ruby is a fun character to read. Making a mess in death and life is just going to happen but that didn't stop her from trying. Ghosts are tricky to work with. They either trick you or really help you out or just plain mess with you. Leo better feel special, what girl would leave her resting place to hunt you down and find out how much you loved her? Did Leo love her back in the way Ruby hoped? She did watch you save up every weekend to get a demo done with his band. Plus its heavy music, thats got to be harder to listen to all the time. Plus its their way of being romantic, when others could find it not so romantic at all. 

Though you'll be able to read just how much Leo does love Ruby. He calls her his muse and talks about romantic songs and how Ruby being by Leo's side makes his day. He cares so much for her that you'll be able to feel it and imagine it all happening. This book was so cute at the beginning you will read through it like crazy. 

It's when you read the middle that crazy life after death goes on and things all change. No matter what happens in this book, it all flows just right and makes you so engrossed that you will finish the book before you know it. The ending makes me want another book about it, maybe with Leo's POV.