Oct 16, 2013

Author Request! Persistence of Memory

Persistence of Memory
by Winona Kent

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Fable Press
Pub Date: Sept 17, 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Charlie Lowe has two obsessions: saving the Stoneford Village Green from unscrupulous developers and researching her ancestor, Louis Augustus Duran, whose mysterious origins elude her. 

When a freak lightning strike and a rogue computer virus send her back to 1825, Charlie discovers she must persuade a reluctant Sarah Foster to marry Duran, or two centuries of descendants -including herself- will cease to exist. 

Unfortunately, Louis Duran turns out to be a despicable French count who spends his days attempting to invent the first flushing toilet in Hampshire. That is, of course, when he’s not busy impregnating a succession of unfortunate housemaids.

Combining the language, humour and manners of Jane Austen’s era with charming characters and colorful storytelling, Persistence of Memory is a mystery, a love story and a speculative novel about accidental time travel.

A hopeless romantic, our heroine does her best to encourage the happiness of those who surround her -- but will she be able to mend a matrimonial wrong, restore the Village Green to its rightful owner and, most particularly, conclude the tale in the company of the gentleman with whom she was always meant to be?

You may acquaint yourself with the answers, gentle reader, here, within "Persistence of Memory"

My Review: In this book we have Charlie a cool woman who goes through a lot! She has a long day listening to people just to go home, hear thunder and boom! She jumps to another time! I'm pretty sure her life isn't boring and being in another world may just add to it. 

So what happens now? Does she just walk back into her world? Does she stay stuck? Does she meet her ancestors? Well this book won't bore you, thats for sure. Charlie does end up meeting her ancestors.  Meeting your ancestors should be cool right? Well....it is, but there is a little problem. She and her ancestors will end up not existing soon.  Unless Charlie can convince one of them to marry. Otherwise after her, everyone wouldn't exist anymore. That includes Charlie and her generation. 

Can Charlie do it and make everything right? Can she get back to her world or will she just not exist anymore.

So about this book. It was not what I thought. I thought it would be good, about 3 stars good.  Well as I read it, it ended up being more entertaining than I thought. I actually liked the book and the whole other world and ancestors thing. It wasn't hard for me to read this, I finished it pretty quick, but that was because I liked it. Though I wouldn't want Charlie's job listening to people all day talking about trees. Yeah, that would bore me and I wouldn't have patience for that.