Oct 5, 2013

The Waves Interview with Jen Minkman!

So of all the books you have written, Waves is book two. 

1. Why do you only write stand alone's?
Because I usually feel like I can tell enough about my characters in one book. I like to follow these people for a little while, and then I move on, so to speak :)

2. Why break the flow of stand alone's?
Because The Island was originally written for a writing contest that had a maximum word count of 20,000, I was really struggling to put everything in the novella that I thought was worth mentioning, and so I decided that 'my' island deserved more attention and I should write another novella!

3. Why did you decide to make Waves, instead of adding to another book you already wrote?
For the above-mentioned reason :) My other books just don't NEED sequels.

4. Can you give the readers something juicy about waves?
Hmm. Well, when I asked my husband to proof-read The Waves, he said he hated Walt, the main character (isn't he honest...) so I took another critical look at who he was and how I could improve him a bit. I hope I succeeded!

5. The best and hard part of writing waves, and the best and hard part of writing a sequel. 
The best part of writing The Waves was I could take another plunge in the world of The Island, and the hardest part was to re-tell particular events from Walt's point of view without it getting boring or predictable. 
Since The Waves isn't a sequel 100% (I'd rather call it the companion novella to The Island) I didn't have a very hard time writing it.

6. Will we see a book 3?
You might. I'm toying with a few ideas. However, I'm planning to release at least three full-length romantic novels before I get to writing another Island book, though!

7. What can we plan to see from you? New stories? More rule breaking?
See the above. There's two new standalone paranormal romances (YA and NA) coming out in the next five months, and after that I'm planning on releasing my Dutch debut novel in English (a contemporary romance/chicklit). So stay tuned for more ;)