Oct 5, 2013

Author Request!! The Waves

The Waves
by Jen Minkman

Book: The Island #2
Publisher: Jen Minkman
Pub Date: October 4 2013
Genre: Dystopian, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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The first memory I have of my grandfather is of a moment that we share together.
I’m sitting on his knee looking out over the harbor. Grandpa is smoking a pipe. He points at the horizon. “Look, Walt. Our ships are out there. And one day, another even more beautiful ship will appear at the horizon. A mighty ship to take us all away. And Annabelle will be at the front deck with open arms, inviting us all to join her on board.”
“Why don’t we sail to her ourselves?” I inquire wide-eyed.
“Because she promised she would come,” granddad replies. “And in that promise we trust. It’s only the Unbelievers who think they can do everything themselves. They have no faith in the Goddess.”

Walt lives in Hope Harbor, an island community that has put its trust in salvation from across the sea. The townspeople wait patiently, build their ships to sail out and welcome the Goddess, and piously visit the temple every week. Horror stories to scare their children are told about the Unbelievers on the other side of Tresco. 
But not all is what it seems. Walt has questions that no one can answer, and when his best friend and cousin Yorrick is killed in an accident, he digs deeper to find out the truth about the origins of Hope Harbor’s society… and the secrets of the temple.

Return to the world of The Island and discover what Walt's life was like before and after he met Leia!

My Review: Whoop! So I'm working with Jen again (: This book is extra cool since it's a rule breaker book! Yup Jen wrote a sequel, but you can read more about that in the interview. 

So the waves starts off strong. You are right into the story and just fall in love. Like the first book just didn't end (: Though you get a lot more of Walt and learn much more about him. Which is good, it does change my thoughts about him that I had from book one. It made me think and like Walter more. 

So we are now on the other side of the wall, where they believe that their goddess will come and save them. They are taught this and are expected to believe in all this, but of course there is always someone who doesn't believe everything they are told. Could there be proof this is fake, or real? So when a ship does appear from the other side what do you think this will lead to? 

So there is Walt's cousin who can get this information. Yorrick just happens to be the son of the book keeper, so her has all the information at his finger tips. Since Walt has so many questions, he goes to Yorrick in hopes that he can help him. Walt never gets real answers though. Youll read about something happening to Yorrick, which makes it harder for Walt to get answers from any books.

One thing I have to mention is that this book isn't religious crazed. Since Walt lives on the other side and his grandpa is religious, I thought I would read more about things being done because is was told to them or by religious beliefs. Otherwise I wouldn't have finished the book. I am not a religious person and can not stand to read any books filled with them.  But I am glad it was focused more on the other side of the Island and getting to know more about this world. I think it's even better than book 1. Yeah, I know I say that about every second book, but really I mean it! This was just amazing! I really want a book 3, not just to see if it can beat book 1 and 2, but to find out more about Walt, Leia, the Island and more. I do like having a goddess in the book, and kind of want to see something happen with that. What ever happens I know it will be good. It's hard not to like Jen's writing, it just gets to you in the right way. 

Oh one more thing! The ending of Waves is very nice (: all I will say, otherwise If I keep going I will spoil the ending of the book and that wouldn't be fair.

My Rating: