Nov 24, 2013

Angela Carlie Interview

 Hi everyone. In an attempt to help make readers aware of my new release, Jenny's Blue Velvet, I was asked to interview myself. This is something I never really thought about doing, but was up for the challenge. I asked myself, "If I was not me, what would I like to know about me?" There's only one question I can think of (which is unrelated to my book), so I went to the internet and asked Facebook for some questions. If all else fails, ask Facebook, right? Well, it worked! Thank you Sherry, Heather, Ron, Jen, Racheal, and Sharon for your contributions.

I give you myself interviewing me.

Myself: Where did the inspiration for Jenny's Blue Velvet come from?

Me: That's a very good question, Myself. I usually start out writing one book, and then it becomes something completely different. This was not necessarily the case for Jenny's Blue Velvet. I wrote a blog post in May exclaiming my excitement for the idea for this new story. It spurred off a question I asked, "What if the 'if only' in life became reality?" You know the 'if only' statement, right? If only I can win the lottery... If only I can lose ten pounds... If only I didn't have to work in a cubicle anymore... etc. We all have them. Wishes and ideas on how our lives can be so much better.

This was the original inspiration for Jenny's Blue Velvet (taken from my own 'if only') and it's still a major part of the story, but it spun away into something much more interesting.

Myself: What's your favorite character in Jenny's Blue Velvet?

Me: Man, that's a tough one. Jenny has the characteristics of the average woman, like me, that I love. She's insecure and clumsy and lovable. Cassandra has everything the average woman wants, and then some we don't. Mathilde, however, is a strong spirit. You don't want to mess with Mathilde. I love them all.

Myself: Angela, what makes you so awesome?

Me: OMG! hahahaha Well, I don't consider myself as awesome, but if someone else does, it's probably because of the wonderful lives I'm surrounded by. Including my incredible Facebook friends. :)

Myself:  Do you see bits of yourself in your characters?

Me: Absolutely! They come from my imagination. They most definitely carry some of me with them.

Myself: Do you prefer writing in settings that are completely imaginary or do you base your settings in reality?

Me: Both. I enjoy taking reality and making it imaginary while keeping some of the reality intact.

Myself: Why the departure (or brief foray from) YA?

Me: I have several adult story ideas that I've been  holding onto for years. I just haven't explored publishing them yet. Jenny's Blue Velvet was one I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I wrote it, and now it's ready to share with the world. I still have YA stories to write too. It's all about the mood I'm in, I guess.

Myself: Goals? Accomplishments? Improvements?

Me: Oh, wow! They are ever changing. I recently accomplished a half marathon and a 200 mile relay race with a fabulous group of friends. That was pretty freaking awesome!

Myself: How long until you can write full time?

Me: That's what I want to know! Ha! I really don't have an answer to this question. Writing full time is a dream of mine that I've been working toward for the last five and a half years. I headed down the indie author path two and a half years ago with the help of my friends and authors Megg Jensen, Karly Kirkpatrick, and GP Ching. It's been an amazing experience. Yes, it gets frustrating at times, but I know if I keep it up, someday I'll reach my goal. A lot of that also depends on the readers and how much they enjoy my stories. And marketing. Oy!

Myself: Are there any authors or books you recommend?

Me: Oh, yes! I am fortunate to know some very talented authors that I highly recommend. Anything by Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Lisa Nowak, Megg Jensen, G.P. Ching, Karly Kirkpatrick, Chanda Hahn, and all the authors from the Pacific Northwest YA Authors group.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my story, Jenny's Blue Velvet