Nov 27, 2013

Author Request!! Boy Red

Boy Red
by Shanta Everington

Books: Stand Alone
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Pub Date: Oct 30 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Boy Red is a story about identity, about where you come from and where you belong. The day after his sixteenth birthday, Red discovers that the man he calls ‘Dad’ is not his biological father. Will Red be able to track down the anonymous sperm donor who gave him life? What will he learn about himself along the way? And just what else are his parents hiding?

My Review: So I got this book from the author and was yelling at the book so much. Good yelling though, you know when you get into it and you yell if someone does something stupid or you didn't want them to do what they did. 

So Red thought he knew his life. Until one day he found out hid Dad, really isn't Dad.  So what can he do now? Keep things the way they are or find his real dad.  Well Red decides to take the chance on finding his real dad, which isn't going to be the easiest task. Maybe finding out after some birthday cake, isn't going to help either.

So after asking google and finding endless pages and reading them, he just doesn't know what to do. 

So right now, you kind of feel fro Red. He just turned 16, and had this sprung on him with no real answers. The only real answer his parents gave was that a sperm donor was used. Well Red isn't very happy to say the least. He didn't get straight answers that helped or any clue to the real dad. 

Red will sart off on his own journey to find out who he really is and if there is any more secrets being kept from him. Which you can probably tell there are. No one ever reveals all the true secrets. It wouldnt make the book much fun now.

So I really enjoyed this book and want to read more! The moment Red figured out what was really going on, made me excited and yelling at the book for waiting so long to make Red find out. As I read the book I got some ideas on how things were about to fold out, and the suspense killed me! Uh Shanta is such a great writer! I think more people are going to have to hunt her books down. 

Remember Shanata's book is  UK, so look online for her books. You will not put this book down! Then the very last chapter will have you on your seat! I haven't had many books do that to me, so this was great!!!