Nov 25, 2013

Author Request!!! Pickup Sticks

Pick-Up Stix
by Jacqueline L. Conwell

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Author House
Pub Date: June 10 2013
Genre:  Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Things were going well for Alora-with the exception of her stagnant relationship with Jordan. She was hoping that her usual beach ritual would bring something to fruition and save her from her current situation. But with their junior year of college approaching, her hope was starting to feel like a pipe dream. Little did she know, her beach ritual wasn't in vain ... For what felt like an eternity, James had waited patiently for Alora's toxic relationship to dissipate as he kept a safe distance. He didn't know how much longer he'd be able to stand idly by, when without warning, his patience paid off. Alora's situation took a turn for the better from his perspective, which finally gave him the chance to step in and help Alora start fresh. But soon after James was introduced to her, he realized that swooping in to save the day isn't always as easy as it seems

My Review: This is book two, and it was just as good as book one. This time we are going to follow James more and watch him try to win the girl he likes. Alora, and Jordan are together right now, but its not all lovey dovey right now. 

James is nice, knows how to behave, sweet, things that any girls would want in a guy. Then you read anout Jordan and just want to beat some sense into him. He isn't the perfect boyfriend, nor is he the nicest. Alora is such a nice girl, so I tried to figure out just how she and Jordan got to stay together for as long as they did. 

Uh I felt for James and how much he liked Alora, but let her be until she and Jordan were no longer together. James had the respect to let them be even when Jordan has to obviously go. Alora really is good, but where you are with a guy like Jordan, you kinda of act differently, until that person isnt around you.

I think we all know someone who acts one way with friends and another toward others. I think it's just them being afraid or to hide something, but still I never like it when a person or character does that. Drives me crazy. If Alora didn't feel like she had to depend on the relationship, then I think she and James would have been together much faster.  Even being nervous, just shows how good a guy James really is. 

Don't worry about the other characters from book one, they still travel into this book! They will entertain you just like book one, and there will be cake.....I did like that part.  You will know what I mean when you pick up a copy!