Nov 29, 2013

Request!!!! The Savvy Girl's Guide to Grace

The Savvy Girl's Guide to Grace
by Alicia Young

PublisherParasol Press
Pub Date: 2013
Genre: Women Fiction
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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The Savvy Girl's Guide to Grace is a gentle, inner-beauty makeover for anyone who feels rushed. It's about tapping our inner Audrey Hepburn in a rushed world - told with humor and anecdotes by your fellow Savvy Girls.

My Review: I was excited to have the author of the book contact me. I enjoyed the fun this book brought me. It didn't have anything to do with having a proper life, style, etiquette, etc. It was about fun and being savvy (:  

At any age a person can have fun, live life, be savvy, and enjoy the world. You get all kinds of quotes and topics that I KNOW everyone would want to read and can relate to. Where was this book, when I needed it?

You get real quotes from people who went through the very thing, the author is talking about. Wether  it be getting a boyfriend, or not having one anymore. About your friends, job, everyday life. Lots of real life thrown in, and that makes the book even more fun and REAL. 

You do learn and connect with this book, and will look forward to reading more from Alicia. A group of girls could easily get together to talk about this book for hours and laugh about it and share their own experiences. 

Your own worth and ways of saying no, were some of my favorite parts to read. When I read the ways to say no, I was like yeah....I should really try one of these. My way of saying no, is interesting for all situations. 

The essentials: lipstick, black dress, and heels are something that you tend to read in a lot of books, because it's true! Those simple things are something I think every girl owns, and loves it. I know I live in my heels, and nothing else.

Splurging, reunions, social media, livelihood, moving on, bridesmaids, and so much more is talked about in here. Seriously, Alicia doesn't miss a beat, and I really want to read more from her. Finding the words to say how much I liked this book is a little hard. I really liked it because it's relating to a lot of things I've been noticing in people close to me. Though it is a really good feel book that I think every girl would enjoy very much.