Dec 28, 2013

A Christmas Fling Review Request

A Christmas Fling
by Beth Barany

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Firewolf Books
Pub Date: Dec 10 2013
Genre: Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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A new story of romance and adventure by award-winning author, Beth Barany. 

What if falling in love put the life you cherished in jeopardy? 

Dahlia, a Santa’s Elf, has 21 days left before Christmas to create the best toy in the world without using magic or revealing her true identity. Stuck on how to complete the prototype, and working as a temp in San Francisco’s financial district with no time for love, will her innocent Christmas fling get her unstuck, or will she turn her back on her beloved career for her heart? 

Liam, an up-and-coming financial analyst, swore off women after getting dumped by the love of his life. He just found out his ex is going to the company Christmas party with his rival Michael Hendricks. Up for promotion against Hendricks, Liam has to win the favor of his boss. His best bet is to invite the vivacious secretary Dahlia to the party. Will Dahlia be a welcome distraction, or will she turn his life upside down? 

Beth Barany writes magical tales of romance and adventure to transport readers to new worlds where anything is possible.

My Review: A fun and cute story of the season, of of the best I have read this year.  It wasn't a cheesy girl and guy romance, and then it was marriage or they couldn't be together or some kind of obstacle.  I really liked this book and was drawn in from the start to finish. 

Dahlia and Liam are our two love birds. Dahlia is strong, smart and independent. All are really great things bout her and she will need it to create something magical. Of course she can't tell anyone, use actual magic, or anything. Just herself and whatever ideas she can come up with.  

Liam soon enters the picture. Liam is this working guy who is uping for the promotion. To get it her must kiss ass to get it right? Well not exactly, Dahlia gets in his sights. Is she perfect? Is she going to get into the way? Will she hurt him? Yeah questions will run through anyone's mind, when it comes to figuring out if the person in front of you is the one for you. Well you have to take the chance right?

Liam and Dahlia meet and they go on to like each other and form a lovely bond. They are really good together and have different situations, then many other books have. I liked that a lot, since themed and romance books, have a lot in common.  However, one thing about the book that I wasn't sure I liked or was like "this seems so typical" type of situation. 

Let me explain.....

Liam is at a party for work, where his ex is at with this guy he really hates. The he happens to find Dahlia not very long after and they start getting together. It's like one of those situations you think about. Is he going after her for the sake of making his ex jealous? Or he happens to really like this girl and things work out? Now this is what happens a lot in life. Beth did some good writing here, because I thought of a few things that could have gone next, but something better happened.  Now she has a great skill, because I still kept reading! So see what I man about a typical situation?  Some people will find a person to use for jealousy. Though it was a good thing jealousy didn't play such a giant part. 

I like the fact that the book uses simple names for people and not use crazy names. For some reason, if the book is about romance, it should have nice simple names. Though, that is just how I think of romance books.  I am looking forward to reading some more of Beth's writing.

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