Dec 5, 2013

The Last Replacement Review

The Last Replacement
by Kacey Chumley

Book: The Last Replacement #1
Publisher: SecondNoel Publishing
Pub Date: Aug 21 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Connor is in trouble- that is one thing seventeen-year-old Meredith White is sure of. They live in a world where eighteen-year-olds that are seen as lacking potential are “replaced”- a surgery that allows older people to take over the bodies of the young. And just her luck, he happened to be one of them. Now, his replacement, a kindhearted nineteenth-century man named Owen, decides something Meredith knew all along- that Connor deserved to live. They plan to bring him back- even if it means sacrificing friendship, the possibility of love, and the peaceful existence their town has always known.

My Review: So I got this book to review and enjoyed very much. A cool new type of book out there! You get repleced by 18? Uh why? How? Tell more! Yeah I was really excited for something that wasn't vampires, fey, witches, etc. 

Connor is a wicked cool character, who is going to be brought back if Owen and Meredith can do it. Sacrifices are expected and of course some trouble. What can you do to save this guy, when he isn't supposed to be brought back? 

This book is fast paced, suspenseful, mesmerizing, great qualities that make a best seller.  What I love is that they just think all 18 year olds need to be replaced. What if it's not them, but the ones who decide its time for those to be replaced? This whole idea of a surgery to do all of this is cool. Usually they would either just kill them or plant a quick chip that can be done from a needle.  Kacey just took everything to a new level and the love interest was soo good. 

Owen and Meredith worked really well together and tried to do all they knew to bring back Connor. They knew he needed to live, so why couldn't anyone else see he was a good person and keep he the way he was? Like they replaced him just for the heck of it.

I overall really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from Kacey and getting my hands on more Connor and Owen and Meredith.


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