Jan 15, 2014

Request!! Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer

Redemption: The Further Adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer
by Andrew Joyce

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Andrew Joyce
Pub Date: August 2013 
Genre:  Historical Fiction
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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What ever happened to those little boys, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer? They grew up that’s what. In the spring of 1860, General Beauregard fired on Fort Sumter and the now twenty-four year old boys can’t wait to sign up to fight the Yankees.

In the first battle of the war Tom is wounded and Huck brings him back to Missouri. But along the way they run into trouble and Huck ends up saving the life of a sixteen-year old Yankee soldier who deserts and travels to Missouri with the boys.

Once in Missouri the Yankee, whose name is Jed, leaves for California. A month later Huck and Tom set out for San Francisco where Tom hopes to catch a ship headed for China. Huck goes along to keep Tom company, but plans on returning to Missouri when Tom sails.

Jed never makes it to California, Tom sets sail but never reaches China and Huck never sees Missouri again. Twelve years later they come together in the town of Redemption Colorado to fight a greedy rancher and his army of hired guns.Huck is now a famous lawman, Tom a widower and Jed is the infamous Laramie  Kid, a notorious gunfighter.

REDEMPTION is an incredible sequel to HUCKLEBERRY FINN, intertwined stories that take place between 1860 and 1873. They are stories of growth and learning, stories of change as told through the reminiscences of a sixty-year old Huck Finn. They are also adventure stories that dovetail together for the climax.

My Review: Well Huck and Tom are back. I remember reading the old book back in school and even then I had mixed ideas of the book. It wasn't boring, but wasn't grabbing me in.

Okay so lets say about 10 years, give or take. The boys are older and adults now, with new adventures to tell and have. You remember them being young and wanting to do all these things, well they did go through with some plans, although that doesn't mean it went perfect. 

Cali, China, going off on your own, doing the things they wanted to do. Well Cali was not seen, China was not seen, and so those didn't work out and one never see's the same place again.  Now some years later they all meet up to deal with a man and his hired guns. Shouldn't be a problem right? They can take care of themselves and prove how good they are.  Though its been some time, can they still do it? After having a life and making a career and name for themselves they must now work together and deal with this guy before going back to their lives. 

Well, I have to say this version of Huck and Finn is really different! These boys are older and so surprised at the way they seem older and know how things are. I think I like the older boys better, and besides the words are better also! They speak more clear and seem smarter and very grown up. I can see the difference and really enjoy these boys and how they handle the mission. Going after a man is not very smart, but you have an expert gunman with you and well what could go wrong?

Oh these boys were fun to read again. When I was nearing the end, I found that maybe the boys didn't change to much. They just got older and well, maybe when they really are old, they will tell about all their adventures. 


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