Jan 5, 2014

Request!! Sirens Spell Danger

Sirens Spell Danger
by C. Suresh,  Karthik L,  Radha Sawana

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher:C. Suresh
Pub Date: Dec 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads   Amazon

There are sirens and, then, there are sirens. Some warn you of danger and some lure you into danger...Lured by a sexy siren, Vicky is mistaken for a secret agent, kidnapped, tortured and slated for death. Will he survive and save Bangalore from going up in flames?...There is a serial killer loose in the city leaving mysterious messages around the bodies of the victims. Are the messages a challenge to the police or a siren call to lure another victim...Jay is sent to Bellary to investigate a possible ISI plot. Was it merely a murky political plot or was there something more sinister in the offing? And why were two women suddenly singing siren songs of love?...Three tales of nerve-racking suspense and pulse-pounding action.

My Review:  So I started the book and wasn't sure how I would like it. You get three crime stories in this book, each from a different author. It's not a very long read and since  it's three stories, they are pretty fast to go through. 

So if you want a book to read that's not all about chicks and romance and something paranormal, try this out. Each story has some gorgeous character in it. Each book is a different type of crime. You get a  paranormal, physiological, and a spy crime.  The second one, Bella Donna, might be my favorite. Not just because of the character, but it reminded me of a show that used to be on.  

Let me go in order here....

Book one. Femme Fatale  is the Spy one. It gave twists, turns, shocks and a lot of on the toes reading. It was strong, well written and would read more from the author.

Book two. Bella Donna is the Physiological book. Strong leading character, field of medicine, and you will feel for her. Had me holding on till the end and hoping it worked out the right way. Well I wan't yelling at book! So it gave me a nice ending. 

Book three. Is the paranormal one. For me, I wasn't into this book. It had mafia drawn in and well I just don't like anything with mafia in it. It's usually taken to far or just messed up. The author did to a nice job writing this story and I didn't hate it. I just don't like the overall subject.

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