Jan 3, 2014

Review Request!! The Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter
by Lee Enderlin

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Lee Enderlin
Pub Date: Feb 2013
Genre: Mystery
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon

College student Christy Brewer lives in a personal hell at home with an increasingly unreasonable and violent father while balancing school and a love life. Meanwhile, over a hundred miles away, in a small ski resort town, Police Chief Wayne Marski is suddenly dealing with local people who are being dispatched in a particularly grisly manner. Worse, the few clues indicate that he is dealing with some sort of animal--or a human adversary.

Which is it?

Their stories coincide in a suspenseful and action-filled climax as a centuries-old curse comes home.

My Review: Two towns and equal amounts of crazy! Christy doesn't have a perfect life, yet she is having it a little harder with the people she lives with. Unreasonable dad is right! Ugh I wanted to smack him around! He pissed me off so much, I just didn't know if smacking him would be enough. Yeah he got hurt, but that is no excuse to be so angry and mean all the time. Not like it was Christy or her mother's fault, so why the crazy?  So that is done, now what about Todd? They met and got close and started to see each other. Though she is at school after summer is over and she just want to get back and see Todd. How is she going to do that? Going home won't work anymore, heck the dad is being mean to the mom now!  If that isn't enough hurt, Todd and Christy get rocky when they have a fight. Okay, so things are sucky right now, so what will happen next? They do have a condo, so that is where Christy and her mom run off to.  If I only knew how bad the dad would be, I'm not sure I would have read this book, but as I got going I ended up liking other points. Though this was annoying to me because I know what its like to have a hellish dad, the better you kick the guy from your life the better things will get. 

Let me go on about the book before I go on a rant. So everything just said is present time. The book goes back in time. It goes on to where Indians were before they met the white man. Do NOT think Pocahontas at ALL. It has nothing close to this. Just saying... At least I hope you realize it when you read about the woman eating a piece of meat. By meant I mean a piece from a person. Yep, not the most delightful thing, but hey, you need to live right? What if this could cost you everything? White Moon didn't have a real choice, though I guess you could since she didn't need to eat the meat. But she was scared, the tribe never came back and maybe it was the white men who killed them. The next day a tribe does show up and she thinks everything will be all better.  Things don't get better......

Jump back to modern day and you have bodies popping up. Why? How? Was it an animal or human that cause this? Uh, the police aren't going to figure it out fast enough. Because as it got to this point the book just kept on rolling.  And I just had to finish it. I want to read more because of the ending. However I hope it's the same level of crazy...

So overall I liked the book. This is pretty full of Horror, and I don't read very much Horror if any. Maybe because I'm picky, but I don't like much gory, blood, and people eating meat from someone....bleh it's not appealing for me, but hey I will give new things a try. I finished the book, so I'm happy about that! I would like to read the next book, I just better read on an empty stomach, just in case.