Jan 29, 2014

Three Month Plan Tour - Author Dream Cast

It's funny you ask this, because this is typically the first thing I imagine when finishing a manuscript. My dream cast would be as follows:

Kelly: The heroine in my new novel, The Three Month Plan, isn’t your typical drop dead gorgeous nineteen year old. She’s attractive, but shy, self-confident, and tired of failed relationships. She isn’t easily definable, but relatable. She was brought up by a loving family who instilled strong moral values in her life and always played the good girl role. It was an easy selection looks wise of who would play her. I chose Lucy Hale. Lucy is a terrific actress and can play both the average look and glamorous look Kelly needed. A close second to her was Lily Collins.

Jake Carter embodied everything that was the polar opposite of Kelly. Jake is your typical horny teenage boy, only caring about his next score. Girls throw themselves at him from every direction. He is gorgeous, with a nice body and overly confident. At the same time, he has some underlying issues which prevents him from changing his ways. I chose Zac Efron. Aside from the eye color Zac has the acting ability and looks to pull off both sides to Jake.

Brian MacMillan has been Kelly’s best friend since they were kids. He grew up in an unstable home with a father who ran off, and a mother bound for depression. Kelly was his saving grace. They were nearly inseparable, like brother and sister, until Jake Carter came into the picture. Brian is your typical surfer type, blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes and a surfer's body. As far as looks wise, there really wasn't a comparison. I chose Alex Pettyfer. I believe he has both the intensity and the softer side to pull off Brian's character. 

Supporting Cast: 

Michelle is Kelly's best friend, and she is less conservative than Kelly. I wanted an actress who could pull off the wild side of Michelle, but also the sensitive side of her as well. Even though Michelle is instrumental in Kelly starting the bet, she also proves to be a great friend throughout the story. I chose Kaya Scodelario. Her hair would need to be more of an auburn color, and eyes green but I think she has Michelle's look very closely. 

Paul - Brian's best friend (besides Kelly) and a true surfer. Paul is a fun loving, good looking guy who gets along with everyone, but Michelle. He has had a crush on her for a long time and she doesn't give him the time of day. For Paul I chose Xavier Samuel. With his board shorts and shaggier hair he fits the part well. He is also a bit older than Brian so this works well. 

And last but not least Uncle Rick. I love this character so much, mainly because he was modeled after my own uncle (also named Rick). He is such a gentle soul, with a large heart. I wanted a seasoned actor who has those kind eyes that sparkle just a little, and who could play off a father figure as well. It is a toss up for me between two amazingly talented actors. 

Kurt Russell or Keifer Sutherland 

I feel that either would be the perfect choice. 

I hope you like all of my selections! I would be curious to see what the readers suggest for these parts as well. As we know, often what the author envisions is completely different than what the reader does.