Jan 7, 2014

Time Trapped

Time Trapped
by Richard Ungar

The high-octane sequel to Time Snatchers.

Caleb thought he'd escaped Uncle's clutches and could have a normal life in 1968, but no such luck. After being forcibly returned to Timeless Treasures and his old job of stealing valuable objects from the past, he learns that things have gotten even more sinister. Training the new kidnapped recruits doesn't seem very important to Frank, Uncle's evil lackey, even though a few of these kids have amazing theiving skills and genius for new technology. But then Caleb figures out it's because Frank doesn't plan on keeping them around very long - or keeping them alive.

Stakes are high for all of the time snatchers. If only Caleb can convince the new ones to stop having fun with the technology and use it to save their own lives.

My Review:  So after reading this book, I was at mixed feelings. The first book was better than this one. For some reason I don't like this one at all.  Book one had a good start and ending. This book had a slow start, then the middle picked up and then lost me at the end. So overall the middle was the only part I really liked the most. 

The characters are still good and it's continuing from the first book, so that was a plus for me. Some books don't pick up well from the last book. Though I would have enjoyed more action and excitement, like the first book gave me. This book, just did not keep me on my toes and I really could not enjoy the book as much as I would have liked. 

I'll have to give this book a 3.