Feb 18, 2014

ElsBeth and the Call of the Castle Ghosts

ElsBeth  and the Call of the Castle Ghosts
by J. Bean Palmer

BookCape Cod Witches Series #3
PublisherHolly Hill Press
Pub Date: Jan 2 2014
Genre: Childrens
Format: Ebook
Source: Author
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When their wild and free ancestral lands are threatened, three ancient ghosts need one of their clan from the living world. They call the Thistle heir from across the sea to the old country. 

Almost-eleven-year-old ElsBeth Amelia Thistle, the youngest witch on Cape Cod, has her own need to unearth the family mysteries and to begin in earnest her chosen calling to protect the natural world. 

ElsBeth uses the best she knows of science and magic (not so very different from each other, after all). But even with help from a curious cast of magical creatures she befriends, and her spirited classmates who've been swept along (including the beautiful feisty fashionista Veronica, a Wampanoag chief-to-be Johnny, and Frankie, who wants to follow in the footsteps of his prize-fighting Uncle Vittorio), ElsBeth is in way over her magic level -- and into older, odder mysteries than she could ever dream -- in an adventure just above the surface of reality. 

Includes twenty-two original, full-color illustrations.

My Review: So I;m back with book three and this time we have Ghosts! I do like ghosts in books. So this book is a little longer than the other two. This adventure was my favorite, ElsBeth with ghosts is just awesome. ElsBeth and friends go on a boat and somehow end up in SCOTLAND! Uh, that must have been on long boat ride. So getting off the island, the run into things on Scotland. You know, ghosts, banshee and all things spooky. They find people nice enough to let them live at their castle. This castle has ghosts of its own! They are everywhere, and I laughed a lot with this book. Just so fun and lively and it never gets tiring with ElsBeth and her friends. 
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