Feb 17, 2014

ElsBeth and the Pirates Treasure

ElsBeth and the Pirates Treasure
by J. Bean Palmer

Book: Cape Cod Witches Series #1
PublisherHolly Hill Press
Pub Date: March 15 2008
Genre: Childrens
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Book I in the popular award winning Cape Cod Witch Series, chronicling the magical adventures of ElsBeth Amelia Thistle. 

When Halloween approaches, a never-quite-forgotten pirate’s treasure provokes some serious trouble. And the youngest witch on Cape Cod, some of her magical friends, and a motley pack of classmates are called to face off against dangerous outsiders -- and the notorious pirate Billy Bowlegs.

Includes twenty, whimsical, full-color illustrations by juried fine artist Melanie Therrien. 

Recommended for boys and girls ages 8-13. Children ages 5-7 love the story read to them -- and adults like it, too!

My Review: What a cute story! This can be read to the little ones right before bed, and even adults can read it! I liked it, since I visit the Cape a lot and now I got a fun story to read on the way there!

ElsBeth  is a witch. She is really nice, but some people in her life just don't like her. ElsBeth  is just awesome though, despite them. ElsBeth  is going on an adventure this Halloween! The boys have been gone for to long, so it's the girls to the rescue! Some girl power going on here, and it rocks. She finds the boys eventually. They are all in a cave, but there are others with them.  The Pirates and Faries thrown in was cool, and any adventure would make ElsBeth happy. 

Being a young witch, I'm sure ElsBeth  will find many more adventures to go on. Stay tuned the next two days for more ElsBeth! I'll be reviewing the next two books!
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