Feb 3, 2014


Hi people!! After all day, I finally got the muffin and coffee I have been wanting all day! Now I can really be awake.

I've noticed that a lot of you have been sharing my posts and I love you all for that! I may just have to do a giveaway soon.

I do have posts up, and some of you may have noticed that it was just one post a day. I am not ignoring the blog! I promise! I have been working on new ideas this week on what to do on the blog, along with new design ideas.

I am nearly done with my ideas for this month and will be sharing with all of you soon. I will be working on new designs of the blog over the week. 

This week was strictly ebook week, with some exceptions. I am doing all my requests right now, so I will be putting my own books on the side for right now. Though feel free to give me some books to check out!

That is it for now. If you have any ideas on what I should do on the blog, feel free to share.


Do you love to read and work with authors? The blog is getting more and more work each day, and I am looking for someone to help. Anyone who is willing to help do reviews and posts that go with it, please contact me! Contact me at itslovelysheild@yahoo.com