Feb 17, 2014

The Last Vigilante

The Last Vigilante
by Kacey Chumley

Book: The Last Replacement #2
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date:
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Time is running out for Meredith White. Just when she expected to play out the rest of her days as an ordinary teenager, the spark she thought would simmer out has grown into a fire out of control. A resistance is growing against young people being replaced for lacking potential and although she fears being thrown into the center of it, she is finding no other way of to save those she cares about. Having no other choice, she agrees to infiltrate the autopsy facility from the inside- even as it develops from a strain of conscience into a terrifying race to stay alive. This young adult, dystopian thriller is the second installment in The Last Replacement Trilogy.

My Review: Book two time! I think it was better than book one! Well it had me on my seat until I got done, so you cal all find out for yourself. 

So we are going right were book one left off. Meredith just wants to be normal. Though she can't stand what is going on around her. Even if she could, Meredith still can't be normal. She knows people going into the replacement. Even worse, the person she loves is Owen, and his sister just happens to be in the replacement. Now she will do anything to help save her. Great, but how can she do it? She can't walk in and just leave with people. She must get in herself, find Owen's sister and get the heck out. 

At the autopsy facility, Meredith is concentrating on finding Rebecca. Posing as a replacement is hard. You do not want to be caught at all. There is so much danger and it keeps you on edge. You will hope she finds a way around the building, and then goes back. Finding Rebecca and talking to her, then hope they will slip out. At these parts, I felt like I was reading a movie! That feeling when you are watching a movie and just waiting for a sound to blow, a person to pop up, or waiting to see if that guy will notice a girl and get her. I got like that while reading this book, and I was so happy about it! I have never had a book make me feel like that! Yes, I've had edge of my seat books, but movie feels?! Nope, not yet, but I'm happy this book did. Gives me hopes I can find more out there. Plus maybe Kacey will give more high edge feels in her books!