Mar 27, 2014

ARC Talk

Lets talk about ARC's.....What they are, and the ins and outs of them.

So Why am I talk about ARC's right now? Well I've been reading a bunch of posts about ARC's lately and there is always something going on with ARC's.

ARC's are an amazing thing, not just for us book lovers, but for the author and those involved in the process. ARC's are NOT cheap, in fact they are more expensive to make than the final book. ARC's are early copies of the book, which means there may be errors and things may change before the final book is released. ARC's are made for publicity. Us bloggers receive the book and we give it our honest thoughts and help spread the word for the author and publisher. So in the long run ARC's are amazing and who wouldn't love to get one?

Now my pet peeves with ARC's. ARC's are NOT mean to be shared or sold! It is ILLEGAL to do such, and is basically hurting the author. If you get an ARC be happy you got one, these are limited copies. Now if you like it, then great. If you didn't like it, that's okay too. 

Now thee are exceptions with print ARC's, like if you wanted to give it away as a contest on your blog. Give it back, library(some may not take it), just don't be stupid with your ARC.

eBooks are a different story. Now, I love getting these books, they are just easier to steal. How? Well let's say you let a friend borrow it. This person can easily take it, change it to some other type of file and put it online for the world to see and take. So now it's online for the world to just take. So think about this, the author is now not getting any money, the publisher gets nothing, and whoever else was involved is getting nothing. You just stole from an author and that is NOT cool! These authors work very hard to write a book and get it out there for us book lovers. It's not an easy job at all, so really you are just saying to author that you don't care about them by stealing.  

Say you really want a book, but the publisher denied you an ARC. Don't go around stealing them online or asking someone else for their copy. That is wrong for someone to do. So just stick around and wait for the book to come out, and in the mean time you can read something on your TBR list. 

I think a big reason some people do this, is because of money. I understand that its hard out there, and you can't go out there and spend a ton on books. That's okay! I LOVE books, and can't spend as much as I would like on them. There are tons of books out there that I want to read and tons that I will discover and add on to my list. 

There are options out there for budgets. First the FREE option.

You can go to the library! Yes I go there all the time when my budget can't fit in books that week. You know what else is cool about libraries? They are starting to get ebooks, and they let you borrow them! Yay! Now you can choose from print and ebooks from the library. 

Not sure how libraries work around the world, but mine shows you books from all the libraries in my state. So if my library doesn't have it, another one in the state might and they will send it to you. 

Also if you really love a book and tell the librarian how much you love it, they can request some copies to buy for the library.

Now for the budget part.

There are plenty of sites you can choose from that are good on prices. 

Amazon has bargain books and they are pretty good deals.

There is the book outlet, which has very very good deals. I have bought from there, you can get a good amount of books for a decent total. Plus its one fee for shipping anywhere. The only downside is that it doesn't have every single book. So you may not find the book you want. But can you beat getting a book for $3 when its $15 everywhere else?

Then you have the book depository. They ship free and the books are good on prices.

If you don't have a preference on whether the book is print or ebook, then you can wait a bit after the book has come out. There are always deals on ebooks, they will go low and even free at times. So you can try waiting for those.

In the mean time if anyone has something they want to add go ahead!
And if anyone knows of other sites you can get books at good deals, share them!

Feel free to share your thoughts!