Mar 19, 2014

By the Fates:Freed

By the Fates:Freed
by Patricia D. Eddy

Book: By the Fates #1
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date: June 9 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher 
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An ancient prophecy. A secret clan determined to see the world returned to war. A witch marked for death. 

Ealasaid has just come of age when the devil clan binds her. They steal her name, her voice, and her virtue. Her magic suppressed, she is held in the dark for ten long years, tortured and alone. She prays for a death she knows will never come. 

Raven is a powerful warlock, but though he has made a name for himself as a finder and a protector, he is largely unfulfilled. When the Fates send him to the witch, he has only to touch her to discover that she is his mate, the one he is fated to love for all eternity. He must free her and protect her or his life will be over. 

Once freed, Ealasaid fights against the darkness that still threatens. The fate of the world rests on her scarred shoulders, but with Raven by her side to share the burden, can she triumph?

Note: This book contains several graphic scenes of physical and sexual torture and is intended for readers over 18. The first two chapters are intended to be difficult to read and should not be read by sensitive readers. 

My Review: Okay so before I talk about the book, I want to talk about its content. I usually don't say anything about it, when there already is a warning about it being for mature readers. However, this book does have some tough reads. So if you are used to these types of books, then go ahead, but read the chapters carefully just in case.

Now into the story! I really enjoyed this book, the author is very detailed and I really loved that part, and with these books a readers will be extra picky on details. At least I am, after all these are the type of books that are harder to write because of the overall idea and the age group you are writing for. Even though the detail is amazing, just reading the story is touching. A lovely young witch going through so much abuse, it was heartfelt. I was worried that she would go through this during the whole book, but lucky she didn't. A warlock freed her and she was able to escape. 

Now with a touch of freedom, I wasn't sure how Elasaid would react to this. Of course she would be happy, but could she handle being out there? Will she worry about getting caught again? Maybe there is another person out there who will taker her and do it all over again? Or maybe there will be that one person who takes care of her and never lets her be hurt again. 

So she is out and she will learn to trust again and start getting into her power. She will have to grow and become strong. I want to see her take everyone down, and once tghe end was rolling in, there was a dark twist! I was screaming, because I did not expect that at all! Plus I was hoping for a nice kind ending!

Ugh I enjoyed every single page of this book, the twists and turns will keep you up until you have nothing else left to read. I really can't wait for the next book, I have so many thoughts about what can happen and what I want to happen!