Mar 22, 2014

Skylar Wishes

Skylar Wishes
by Tina L. Hook

Grace is the only one who remembers the truth—that comets are the source of extraordinary destinies. Since their last night together, all memory of their comets and their old powers has abandoned Skylar and Alina. All that is left is Alina’s enduring envy for everything Skylar touches, and Alina’s sudden ability to wake up inside of Skylar’s body, if only for a few minutes.

After Alina finally forces her will and switches bodies with Skylar, harsh realities surface. The holes in Skylar’s relationship with Darren are exposed, and Skylar herself becomes seduced by the idea of living two lives at once, and loving two men at once.

Grace might be able to save them, but everything Skylar and Alina know about love has to change. When their comets return, these three women must choose their fate once more.

My Review:  So what happens if you wish on a star and it works?! Would you be surprised it did work? Happy about it? Or work on undoing the wish?

Well Skylar and Alina are about to get some change in their lives. First of they don't remember much right now, but Alina can remember how she wishes she had things that Skylar has and well next thing she knows she is in Skylars body.  So will this switch be just as she pictured, or will Alina wish she just kept to her own body? Well what ends up happening is something I didn't plan on. 

Alina is changing things about Skylars life. Taking what she made and messing it up. trying to make it all hers. Well Skylar wont just stand by and watch her life goes upside down. Skylar is going to fight to get her body back and make things right again. Despite everything Skylar has done, she may not have to worry after a while. It turns out Alina will start missing the life she had before and all things that went with it. 

I think that both girls learned a lot from this switch. Skylar gets to see her life from a different view and it could gain her some knowledge. She can spot out things she ca do differently or learn about things she has done without knowing. Alina got her chance to learn from this. Seeing what Skylar has and figuring out that her life isnt so bad like she thought. Sometimes having a different life may not be right thing. You never know what is happening when you arent around, like seeing holes in Skylars relationship with her boyfriend. 

I like this book, it was simple. No crazy plots with tons of paranormal that are becoming more popular. A nice beautiful book, with a message behind it all. Beautiful writing from start to end, I would love to read more from Tina. Plus its a refreshing read for anyone and I'm sure many can relate to this. Im sure someone wished they could have a different life at one point in time.