Mar 8, 2014

Tens post with Chelsea

Top Ten things that I am oh so happy are...

10.) Blankets, really I love them.
9.) Pizza.

8.) Coffee.

7.) I love Dogs, they are so sweet and wonderful as companions.  I have my black lab Daisey as my writing companion.

6.) The color Green, it is kinda an obsession for me.

5.)Nora Roberts/JD Robb Books LOVE them.  Plus I have made many friends by talking about a NR Book, so she deserves a number on this list!
4.) Harry Potter.  Enough Said.

3.) Electricity, because lets face it times were hard back in the day!

2.) Tom Hiddleston...*Sigh* he is a oh so perfect, perfect man. I truly think there could be a Loki movie, and he would l=kick but as a dark hero!

1.) Books- what better way to spend your time?  I love the idea of losing yourself in another reality... Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance these genres whether separate or together in someway make my life oh so much better!