Mar 28, 2014

The Last Resolution

The Last Resolution
by Kacey Chumley

Book: The Last replacement #3
Publisher: SecondNoel Publishing 
Pub Date: Dec 28 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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It's all coming down to this. 

The resistance has formed, and the kids that have been threatened with replacement are ready to fight for their rights. Meredith, reluctantly taking position as second in command, realizes quickly that this last mission may weigh in on much more than what she had expected. In the end, it may cost her life, loved ones, and even her sanity in order to release all of the eighteen-year-olds who are held for lacking potential. As the second hand on the clock becomes an enemy, Meredith must choose where she stands and decide whether fighting is worth risking the comfortable life she once knew. 

This is the final installment in The Last Replacement Trilogy.

My Review: I'm back with book three! Yes its the last book in the series, but hopefully Kacey will be writing more books to love.

So after a long and hard journey, the resistance if finally formed and ready to take action. These threats won't be taken lightly anymore, its time to stand up and fight for themselves. You can never just be replaced, its just not right, but the people don't really see what they are doing is wrong, so hopefully the resistance can take them down. 

Meredith has realized that this is her last mission. The toughest one yet, and who knows if she will make it out. She may lose everything she fought for, or she may just win the biggest battle yet. Meredith is second in command so she has some pull around here, and besides she has been amazing and strong throughout the other books, I have no doubt that she will come out strong. 

I was hooked through the whole book, just clinging on to see if this was going to go Meredith's way. It was full of on the edge of your seat reading and the intensity beats out the first two books. You will not regret falling for these books and the journey Meredith has gone through. I loved these books and can't wait for more by Kacey.