Mar 21, 2014

The Third

The Third
by Zhu Hsia

Ji Sun, heir to the powerful Lee clan of bloodsuckers brings disgrace to her kind by not only mixing with humans, but leaving the clan to marry one, and she is banished for ever from her family. 

After five years, Ji Sun’s happiness is threatened. For although she has no intention of returning to her life as a bloodsucker, she has not yet renounced her inheritance, for to do so is to risk stigmatization and a much shortened life. However, Mun Oh, her younger brother, now fifteen years old and already a formidable bloodsucker, is ordered by his parents to visit his sister and demand that she goes through the Ritual of Renunciation in his favor.

But the spoiled and capricious Mun Oh, accustomed to getting his own way the minute he wants something, and his teeth into any human he fancies, encounters more obstacles than he bargains for, especially from Ji Sun’s troubled and troublesome step-daughter Hyeon Jin, the unpopular school bully.

Hyeon Jin hates Mun Oh and would get rid of him at all costs if she could. When Hyeon Jin discovers Mun Oh’s secret, she thinks she has found the perfect weapon. Mun Oh, however, detects certain weaknesses under Hyeon Jin’s hard exterior and plays on them ruthlessly. And it seems for while, that he has the upper hand . . . But then the trouble-making bloodsucker Han Kyung makes his appearance. He is jealous of the handsome Mun Oh, and would do anything to reduce him in the eyes of the clan.

Events start to spiral out of control. Hyeon Jin discovers what it is like to be on the receiving end of hurtful behavior, and as Mun Oh gets more and more attracted by the human world, he soon transgresses the strict rules of the bloodsucking clan. He is to learn the secret of the Rule of Thirds the hard way. But Will he have to pay the heavy price for his disobedience?

It is down to Ji Sun to find a solution. She has to make a choice. But will she have to sacrifice her happiness and that of her beloved husband and step-daughter to do so?

My Review: Vampires! So I have read a great deal of vampire books and well I can be picky with these, after all it can be tiring reading similar books over and over. 

So after about half the book I was pretty into the story, and at the end I did like the book. You have Ji who is part of a vamp clan. She doesn't care about the clan right now. She mixed up with humans and found that one human who made her happy and she fell in love and married him. Doing that means she is no longer part of that family anymore and will just have to live with her new husband and maybe his family will be great. 

So she goes on and has her life, and soon her happiness hits a bump.  Her brother has come to her to ask her to take part in the ritual. She will not be a vamp anymore and her brother will be on top pretty much. If Ji does it, she wont have such a long life, and she wants to live a long time to stay happy with her husband and just really loves her life right now. So why all of a sudden do they need her to do this. Why send the brother to ask? I mean yeah, its for him, but still. I think that they just want her out to make her exile more permanent.  Ji I guess likes her brother, but she has a lot she would be giving up if she decided to go through with the ritual.

What else could go crazy you ask? Ji step daughter and Mun have joined into the picture. Mun is a guy that does what he wants and when he wants. It's his world and he doesn't care about much except for himself. Then you have Hyeon will soon get a taste of her medicine.  She is a bully and now she will be receiving the hurt. Now maybe she will learn what its like and open her eyes. Learn to be kinder to those she has hurt and fix whatever she can. Then try to go out and be a normal kind girl. 

Well as you can tell, things never go the way we want them to and well these characters drove me crazy. I knew certain things would not turn out like I planned and some scenes were exactly as I planned. The ones that turned out different did end up being better than I thought, so that is a plus. Ji of course will be the one who has to fix this mess. Things come back to her, and she has no idea what to do. Give up and have a not so perfect life anymore? Ignore everything and hope to continue the life she has been living? Who knows what she will really decide on, but the answer is something I hope you'll love like I did. 

The book was good and I wouldn't mind reading something else by the author. The writing was good and perfect amount of details. I give this book 4 stars.