Apr 5, 2014

Chase You to the Sun Lana Interview

 So Lana, you are rich and could have the chance to never lift a finger.  So what drove you to make your own way when you were offered a job?  Why not say no?

Because my Elite house was starting to feel like a prison. I wasn’t comfortable spending the rest of my life within the confinement of my father’s Novi Moscow residence. I needed to be free, because freedom, to me, is far more important than power.

Why is Desidan station so important to you? What does this station have that the others don’t?

The Desidan Alliance was founded by Dame Desida, an Elite lady who wanted to unite countries for a common cause – to better the lives of both commoners and Elitists everywhere across Earth, to work together and fuel new inventions by combining talents. The two Desidan space stations host a workforce of people from all kinds of countries. It’s the only truly international place in the solar system that respects people’s background, no matter where they are from.

I hear you and your friends got attacked and you ended up being kidnap.  Was it scary for you? Were you used to this just so people can make money off your father?

My dad was always afraid of this happening. I never wanted to accept the possibility that this might happen one day, because I always went to great lengths to stay undercover and not draw too much attention to myself. Being kidnapped by my father’s mortal enemy was terrifying.

Is Bruce’s soul as bad as the book says? What did you think when he told you things about your dad? Did you end up believing him, or think he was just plain crazy?

Bruce is a dark guy with a dark past. Part of him will never escape that darkness, I think. When he first told me stuff about my father, I couldn’t believe him – and I didn’t want to, either. I thought he was playing a cruel game with me.

What about the stories he said about your mother? What was it like learning about her death?

In a way, it was a relief to finally find out what happened to her, and why, because my dad never told me. He kept things hidden from me.

Now for the good stuff…kinda…well I can’t believe you would kiss that man.

If someone had told me a few months ago I would kiss him and open up to him when he made a move on me, I would have declared that person insane. But strangely enough, talking to him made me realize that he wasn’t all bad. And well, of course, there was no denying that I felt sexually attracted to him from the word go. Which wasn’t very smart, but I guess the body isn’t always smart like that. Hehe J

What was it about Bruce and kissing him? Does he look as good to you?  Because I know I’m still lost about him. I mean kidnaping you and then suddenly you are kissing him?  So not what I would do, but hey enjoy (;

Maybe it’s because I somehow felt the need to chase away his darkness and lift him up to the sun. I knew he didn’t want to hurt me on some level, and maybe it’s also because sometimes, women need to be saviors. I’m certainly not the first person ever to fall in love with her captor. When he kissed me for the first time (I didn’t start!), I kinda knew I was lost.