Apr 5, 2014

Chase You to the Sun

Chase You to the Sun
by Jocelyn Han

When Svetlana Ivanova lands a job on Desida One as trade liaison for the Russian Elite, she is over the moon. Even though her rich father owns the largest gemstone mine in the solar system, Lana wants to make it under her own steam. Working on one of the Desidan space stations is a dream come true. 

Things take a turn for the worse, though, when she and her friends Tori and Alen are attacked by rebels on their way to Earth. Bruce Randall, a notorious space pirate and her father’s worst enemy, kidnaps her to hold her for ransom. If Mr. Ivanov doesn’t pay up, she’ll get hurt – badly. Bruce may have a handsome face, but his soul is darker than the night. Or so he claims, anyway.

Locked up in a mansion in an unknown location on Earth, Lana’s world slowly begins to unravel. Bruce is not just holding her hostage for money – in fact, he tells her things about her father’s company that she can’t believe. The pirate seems to know more about her mother’s death, five years ago, than she was ever told. And his kisses may be dangerous, but too good to resist.

Lana comes to realize that beneath the villainy and violence, Bruce is a man very different from the character in the stories told about him. A man with crushed ideals and a past haunting him everywhere he goes, no matter what he does.

A man she could fall for.

A slightly darker, erotic romance novel in the Stardust Series, for lovers of New Adult with a hint of Futuristic.

**CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**

My Review: I'm back with book three! Whoop! So before I dive in, make sure you are okay with reading these book because it's not for everyone. Also these books are about different people, so it doesn't make a different which order you read them.

So Lana is this lovely lady. She is happy and rich, but when she gets a job on a new station and is so thrilled about it. I mean she is amazing and loves to have her freedom, which is great, though can be hard if you get kidnapped. Wait, how did it all happen? Well let me tell you....

Lana and some buddies gather together and head off to Earth. They didn't think anything could go wrong on the way, but rebels found them and attacked. Lana is taken for ransom, so maybe it won't be too bad because she knows the guy. After all, Bruce is the enemy of Lana's dad and maybe she can sweet talk her way out. 

Well what I loved about Bruce is that he says he isn't a nice guy and yet is really hot. Not only does he hate Lana's dad but knows the secrets about her mothers true death. So Bruce wants Lana to make her dad follow his orders now which ends up revealing what the Elite has done. 

So Lana goes on an emotional roller coaster. She starts to fall for Bruce, but can she fall for him? He may not be the best guy in the world, but doesn't everyone deserve a shot? This will grab you during the story, because no one wants a relationship right now and well its just hard for Lana. 

Besides the attraction with Bruce, she learned about the Elite and what they have done/let happen plus her dad is part of it. Then learning about her mother and the truth behind it all. It's a huge amount of emotions to take on, not to mention its about her parents. Though with Bruce and Lana they are just open and well Bruce starts to get a little soft and these two end up have a lovely scene, maybe a bit hotter than the other books, but then again its not all about the sex in these books. The building of the romances are amazing and Lana and Bruce are a perfect couple. I loved all the couples in all the books and hope there will be more people to read about.

With all this going on, you can feel the story and believe it all to the point where you start coming up with things to happen to certain characters. 

Something else I loved about the book was the technology. I love technology and how it was nicely advanced in this book. Then there is Tori, who is friends with Lana. Tori's character I liked, but wished I got a little bit more from her in the book but she was still good. Then you had John, which I thought was ok, but nothing more. 

So right now I loved everything about this book and the ones before this. All the couples are beautiful and hope we have another book in the works. Or even a book that brings back all the couples in some way. Any who Jocelyn's writing is perfect and hope to keep reading her books. 

I give this book 4.5 stars.