Apr 10, 2014

Division Zero

Division Zero
by Matthew Cox

Most cops get to deal with living criminals, but Agent Kirsten Wren is not most cops.

A gifted psionic with a troubled past, Kirsten possesses a rare combination of abilities that give her a powerful weapon against spirits. In 2418, rampant violence and corporate warfare have left no shortage of angry wraiths in West City. Most exist as little more than fleeting shadows and eerie whispers in the darkness.

Kirsten is shunned by a society that does not understand psionics, feared by those who know what she can do, and alone in a city of millions. Every so often, when a wraith gathers enough strength to become a threat to the living, these same people rely on her to stop it.

Unexplained killings by human-like androids known as dolls leave the Division One police baffled, causing them to punt the case to Division Zero. Kirsten, along with her partner Dorian, wind up in the crosshairs of corporate assassins as they attempt to find out who – or what – is behind the random murders before more people die.

She tries to hold on to the belief that no one is beyond redemption as she pursues a killer desperate to claim at least one more innocent soul – that might just be hers

My Review: Here I am with another Sci-Fi! I've been reading a lot of these lately!

So this book has cops in it, and I'm usually very picky with cops in a book, because a lot of people just make them all the same and it gets boring. BUT, Kirsten is a different cop and brought out a whole new aspect about cops. What is it? Well she is a psionic with a powerful weapon against spirits.

So her world is full of crazy, and somehow she is still a freak? Like are names really necessary? Or are you going to tell me all these spirits are just normal? Well Kirsten has a case with dolls (android/human) besides that, Kirsten is boy crazy, she loves them and always looking a guy up and down. A freak who is boy crazy? Well lets see if she's like this through the whole book, but I hope not. Plus she has this crazy evil ghost that is living in a building. This ghost gets kicks from cops and putting them in danger. Why pick cops? There are other people out there, but every ghost has their own story.

What I liked about this book was the future setting and how everything seems so crazy and unreal, but they way it was written, it just made sense in this book. A future setting with Kirsten being kick-ass and taking on everything that comes her way. Nothing will stop her determination and I loved her through the whole book and her powers just make her even more awesome. 

I give this book 4.5 stars