Apr 25, 2014

Pulled Back

Pulled Back
by Danielle Bannister

Book: Twin Flames Trilogy #2
Publisher: Bannister Books
Pub Date: Feb 9 2013
Genre: Romance, Soul-mate, Twin Flames, New Adult
Format: Paperback 
Source: Author
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Some believe that true love never dies. Instead their love is simply, reborn. 

What if, on the same night that three souls died, three new souls came screaming into the world? Meet Tobias, Jada and Hawk.

Two of those souls remain in their tiny town and become the best of buddies, while the third is moved around by a father running from his past; a past forgotten only when drunk. What remains of her soul is broken.

When Jada moves into that tiny town, two flames will join together, while the third burns with rage.

Will their Twin Flames burn bright? Or will their flame be smothered?

Get Pulled Back into a love story that has been reborn

My Review: I'm back with book two! Yay! You may have seen my review on book one and noticed how much I loved it!

Well......Book two has a tough start, I mean book one ended lovely and then book two arts off with Jada cutting herself. I mean why start like that? Well probably because it would grab the reader and make them figure why this is going on. Jada grabbed my hear right away with just learning about her and the way she has been living for the past few years. Right now lets hope this new school will be her last one and her life becomes so much better, I just want some guy to come in and sweep her away already, and its only the beginning!

Now about Tobias. Tobias is a nice guy who has his own problems with life. Doesn't know his real family and was born with a pretty bad lung. The thing about it all, Tobias is not mean about it or complains about why it happened to him. I love how strong he is and it just makes his character so lovable. Tobias has his buddy Hawk by his side ever since they were young and Hawk is a really nice guy and I love that he cares so much about Tobias, though at some points I kinda thought he got a little too protective.

So what's the deal with these 3 characters you ask? Well it's very interesting, you see Hawk believes there is "the one" out there for him. That's why he doesn't give girls much attention when they gawk all over him. 

Jada happens to come across Hawk when signing up for school and because he feels bad for being a jerk, he has Jada join him and Tobias for a late breakfast.

The visions! The love! It's so strong and there and it's only the beginning! So Tobias gets these flashbacks of a girl. Once Jada and Hawk appear and Tobias laid eyes on Jada, he had the connection! Then Jada had her own flashbacks and couldn't keep her eyes off Tobias.

Who knew breakfast could be so lovely. Yet, it can all turn in a heartbeat. You see, Hawk starts to go about the girl he believes he is destined to be with. He believes this because he and Tobias were born at the same place and date and there was a girl who was also born.

Jada just happened to be this girl and Hawk instantly went crazy and just wanted Jada. Jada wasn't exactly into Hawk and next thing you know Tobias leaves. He isn't very happy that Hawk got what he always wanted, again, but he still doesn't wish anything bad.

I can't believe how sucked in I got and only a few chapters in! I really love these books and Danielle has a way with writing. She really can grasp your attention and make you fall in love with these characters and just wanting to be a part of it all. 

The ending of this book surprised me. I mean I knew who and how it would all go down, but I didn't expect it to be written the way it was. It still got me even though I knew what was going to happen! I love when that happens, it just proves how much the book grabbed you and how well the author writes.

This book was amazing over all and I will be coming back will book three pretty soon!