May 2, 2014

C.C. Hunter BUZZ

Okay, so today I thought I would share with you my love for C.C. Hunter and her wonderful books!

So, C.C. Hunter wrote and finished her Shadow Falls Series and ended it with a bang! Now this year I'll be entering the world of Shadow Falls After Dark!

“You couldn't stop staring at his butt the other day."
Della's mouth dropped open and she rolled her eyes. "You are so wrong." She fanned herself with her hand. "But the boy is eye candy to the max.”

“When one door closes, find another."
Kylie gazed back up. "And what if there isn't another door?"
"Then you try the window."
"And if there's not a window?" Kylie asked.
"Then you find a sledgehammer and make a window.”

“Wow," Miranda said, "You'd better be careful Della. In the last few days, I think you've used up your vampire quota of apologies for the next ten years." 

"Kiss my apologetic ass!" Della snapped.” 

“Holiday leaned her elbows on her desk. "You can't find one thing that points to his guilt."
"He slept with your sister!" Burnett roared.
"Guilty of murder, not of being a piece of shit.” 

“What are we even doing out here?" Burnett asked, seemingly getting more frustrated the longer he considered things. "The orders were to wait until tomorrow. Why do I give orders around here if no one listens to them?” 

Now Enter Shadow Falls After Dark