May 13, 2014

Love and Cola Wars

Love and Cola Wars
by Heidi Loney

Book: Stand Alone

Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date: April 14 2012
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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In a parallel world, the city of Toronto has privatized all aspects of public life, including schools, where the ultimate rivalry is between the two biggest cola corporations in the world.

Sixteen year old Coco Caro is a good girl from a good Coca Cola home. Just as summer is closing, she meets Vincente Moreno, an up-and-coming Olympic fencer who attends her rival high school, Pepsi Co. At first, Coco has no idea who Vincente is or where he comes from. But when she discovers his identity, Coco must choose her loyalties: avoid Vincente at all costs or see him in secret.

Enter into the picture Cody Warwick, handsome Microsoft college junior and fencing aficionado. Cody has the world eating out of his hands, but Coco knows there is more to him than meets the eye. When her father wants her to entertain Cody at his annual Coke barbeque, Coco must play the dutiful daughter against her better judgment. And when a group of student activists challenge the status-quo at Coke High, Coco questions her own core values.

Meanwhile, Vincente has troubles of his own. Coco’s cousin, fencing star Silvino Rodrigues, challenges Vincente to a fencing bout, for which Vincente forgoes because of his personal set of principles. Eventually, Vincente must use his training skills and daring to defend Coco’s honour in an ultimate fencing blow-out.

Filled with swoon-worthy romance and kick-ass sword fighting, LOVE AND COLA WARS is a satirical love story set in a parallel world of cola and corporations.

My Review:  They met by chance, always leads to a great story. Coco and Vincente are a lovely couple and it was such a nice refreshing read. These two had just met and you can see them slowly get to know each other and get comfortable around each other. I love the start how they just casually mention the beach and watching each other. It truly starts off really well. 

The nice time doesn't last long, Coco's dad comes to get her and starts asking about the guy she was talking to. So already he must know who the guy is and isn't wanting Coco to ever see or talk to him again. Maybe its because of this enemy thing with the companies or he just doesnt like the look of him at all? Well wait until you find out for yourself, too bad they dont exchange numbers fast enough in the start. 

Let me jump to one of my favorite parts.....
So what happens when Coco a lovely girl deals with something that Vincente has done? Vincente got drunk and ended up being with some slutty version of Coco. Nothing to worry about here, they get through it and it is worked out better than I would have thought. The way these lovers act is much more mature than in most YA and thats one thing that I really loved! Its not crazy drama and stupid fights, its a real romance that you follow and love. You might think its odd that I liked that part, but I like reading where there is something that tests a connection. Its a make it or break it situation and I can't help but want to know, after all some romances can seem too good or sound ify. 

So overall I really enjoyed this book. I loved that you can really get into the personalities of Coco and Vincente. Its much better than some other books out there. What I also enoyed was how mature they were, I mean there wasn't any crazy drama that was constantly happening and I loved that. I'd rather read one or two scenes than a bookful of drama and this book was amazing on that aspect!

I really loved the whole book and can't wait to see if the story continues or if Heidi will create another amazing love story like this one! 


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