May 23, 2014


by Leslie Portu

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date: June 8 2013
Genre: Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Author
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Of late, Vivien Allen’s life has cruised safely on autopilot. And safety is exactly what she clings to. Heaven knows her sixteen years have been struck with enough drama to last a lifetime. Yet while the status quo provides a sense of comfort, Vivien can’t ignore the small voice inside that yearns for something different. As junior year begins this longing is answered in the form of Christophe Laval, the young and fabulously different new French teacher. Before long an exciting yet indefinable friendship develops which complicates things considerably as she suddenly finds herself falling for Declan Mieres, the senior star lacrosse player. The need to hide the two sides of her life becomes increasingly difficult, the omissions and half-truths weighing on her conscience. When at last she resolves to change her ways, the truth is far more frightening than any lie.

My Review: Vivien is one safe girl. She stays guarded and likes to keep to herself and tries to not get hurt. Her time as a kid wasn't the greatest, so it lead to Vivien to keep it safe. Now she is a lovely girl in her teens and just might start her first relationship soon. Maybe Vivien will find a way to let someone in or keep it safe for life.  

Then Chris comes alone. A lovely French Teacher who is really understanding and may end up being Viv's first relationship. 

Chris just starts by talking and becoming friends with Viv and things go on just fine. As they talk with each other, Vic slowly opens up. Viv starts to let herself come out and bring down her walls. Was Viv ignoring the signs of danger on purpose? Or did she just not care anymore and wanted things to change?

Now I don't read too much of these books. If you read what its about and then look at the cover, you would think it was some crazy love book. Though it surprised me and not at all over done. Things went on smoothly and the story was perfectly done. Viv and Chris are great characters and it was nice and refreshing to read. I was surprised at parts and it made it even better to me and kept me going until the end. 

What I also liked was, once Chris was in the picture, she had to start thinking. After all she does have a crush on Declan a guy in her school. This brought some drama to the book without over doing it and I liked it. I love all things French so I liked Christ, but he had a few faults that I wasn't liking. Declan I also liked and was probably my favorite guy, there wasn't much I didn't like about him. 

This book gives you a lesson/message. Things good and bad you will learn in the world and possibly face yourself. Viv and the struggles she goes through can be related to just about anyone who reads this book. She goes through real things that people in this day would go through/feel and it just made the book more real. I know I related to a few things and know what it would be like to have confidence, then not have it, then have the whole image thing, the high school life, things that can be suckish for anyone to go through.   

I read the whole book and at the end I needed more. I hope there would be another book to continue something with Viv. If not, I'll just wait and hope Leslie writes another great book. 

I really enjoyed this book and found it a refreshing read.