May 9, 2014

The Keepers Vow

The Keepers Vow
by B.F. Simone

Book: Stand Alone

PublisherB.F. Simone
Pub Date: April 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Vampire, Young Adult 
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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From the day he showed up on her front porch, he desperately needed three things: a new beginning, a place to belong, and someone to stand beside him. 

By the time she figured that out, it was too late. 

In a world where being half-vampire is a dark secret that tears families apart, 16 year-old Katie Watts must untangle the web of lies that is her so-called life. No one is who she thought they were. Her father is keeping secrets, and everyone knows the darker truth except her. She has no direction, no answers, and—when she searches for the truth—no home. 

As the web untangles, the truth pulls Katie and Tristan closer together they find themselves connected in more ways than she can believe. But—is honesty worth more than blissful ignorance? Can she live with the truths that begin with her dead mother and end with The Keeper’s Vow?

My Review: This is such a nice new read read. Easy to relate a lot with this book, and it was written just right. Half vampires are a dark secret, and hidden family secrets. A new version on things that I really loved reading about.

Katie woke up to a good breakfast, already she should be on alert. So just reading the very first lines, it gets you wondering right off.  Her day at school was even stranger, an unknown boy needs to speak with her and uses her full name to get her attention. How does this random new kid know her name and what exactly does he want?

So after ignoring mystery boy and skipping her English class, Katie grabs her friend Allison and heads to Science class.  Her attempt to think of Brian didn't last very long because that mystery boy found her in the class and was calling her name again. Now she and Allison are confused, maybe its a hall monitor? He did mention his name was Tristan , but that is all she is going to get, since Katie and Allison are going to be working on the yard after school. 

So what did you think happens next? The guy goes away and Katie goes back to her life? Of course not, Tristan is persistent and gets to Katie and reveals everything to Katie. What exactly does he tell her? Well....thats when the vampire story comes out and how she will fit into this world with him. 

Well you can imagine Katie thought of it all as crazy. A kid gets stabbed and doesn't die, she isnt going to be in trouble for murder, and this kid is a vampire! A normal person would think they are dreaming or these people should go to a special place. It would be logical, but then again Katie is a guardian and now is sucked into this world. Though I did enjoy the way people were talking about her and how she is a guardian right in front of her like it was nothing. Kinda funny and Katie has some of the best reaction to things, it makes her a really great character. 

My Rating:

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