Jun 14, 2014

A Souls Kiss

A Souls Kiss
by Debra Chapton

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Creative Prose Publishing 
Pub Date: March 15 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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When a tragic accident leaves Jessica comatose, her spirit escapes her body. Navigating a supernatural realm is tough, but being half dead has its advantages.

Like getting into people’s thoughts.

Like taking over someone’s body.

Like experiencing romance on a whole new plane - literally.

Jessica learns an amazing truth as she struggles to return to her body before the doctors pull the plug, only she can’t do it alone. Now the only two people willing to help Jessica’s splintered soul are the two she’s hurt the most. They must find a way to guide her soul back to her body ... before it’s too late.

My Review: I got hooked in right off the bat! In different POV and I enjoyed each one and it made the book awesome. I love Jessica. She has this accident. but then I guess you can say she goes on a little vacation to another plane.  Even though she got horrible injuries, she is still connect to those who were in the car with her and happen to walk off fine. Somehow she feels connected to Micheal and Hanna. Which gets me excited because at least she still has a shot at Michael, even if she is a spirit... Hmm but nothing ever goes so smoothly. 

She can go into dreams but traces are left behind. She can jump into bodies and learn more about the world and her friends. She learns more are Hanna, Tyler and Micheal than she thought she would. Which is good, I love when they learn about something and it ends up being better for that person. 

I love how she uses everything she learns and makes herself a stronger character and it makes reading it all so worth it! While being in dreams and jumping into a body she learns things that aren't so nice and handles it so much better than I thought she would have. I love that being out of body Jessica can focus on things and make some right choices and learn and recognize things around her.  Then you have the whole Micheal and Tyler thing.  So which is better. A nice guy who loves you, or go after the guy you like but may not be the best idea to go with.....that was a struggle with Jessica and I'm so happy with her choice. 

Of course as you get to figuring things out, you want Jessica to hurry it up and get into her body. Well she finds out the docs want to pull the plug on her. Jessica better pick up speed and get in there before they pull that plug. It would so not be cool to actually die after going through all this.  I think she was slightly slow on finding herself, however it was written well enough that it doesn't throw the story. You just sit there yelling at the book for Jessica to figure it out and hurry it up. 

These characters aren't the only ones you will read about, so you should dive into this book to learn about what you are missing, because this book has so many great points that you just get so sucked in and lose track of everything going on around you! I love books that can make me lose track, its those that make reading so worth it and you get to read an awesome book!