Jun 5, 2014

About John Autero

John A. Autero is the author of “Footprints”, a tactical science fiction adventure set in the not too distant future. An engineer by education, John employs a technical style of writing that combines existing technologies with those that are yet to be developed. John enjoys anything sci-fi, automotive, heavy metal and ballistic. Always a fan of government conspiracies and black-ops, stories like “The Terminator” and “The X-Files” are always on his list of favorites. John was born in the United States and has spent his entire life there, where he happily lives with his wife and pets.

Why I wrote Footprints - Even though I am engineer by education, I have always enjoyed writing. I have written quite a few articles that have found their way into technical magazines, but Footprints was my first attempt at fiction. I have always loved a really good story. A story where you really get to know and love the characters and emotionally feel for them as the story progresses. I want to feel pain in my chest when something terrible happens and I want to cry happy tears when something good happens. I tried to infuse these type of emotions into my book, Footprints.

My Name - I was named after my Grandpa John and my Grandpa Andrew. Grandpa John worked as a machinist at a bakery for almost his entire life. Grandpa Andrew immigrated from Slovakia and worked as a coal miner when he was a young adult and then changed professions and worked as a locomotive engineer.

Interesting Person I Have Met - I met Captain James Lovell (Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, Apollo 13) at his restaurant in Lake Forest, Illinois. After a business dinner, some of my co-workers and I were able to talk with him for ten to fifteen minutes about his days at NASA. I was honored to be able to shake his hand.

Interesting Places I have Been - I have traveled to Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Japan on business. But the most interesting place I have traveled to was to an electric power plant inside the Arctic Circle. The plant used a crane to carry tree bark from a lumber mill to the power plant's steam boiler. The crane was not working properly, so I had to work with them to fix the problem. It took me about sixteen hours of flying and driving to get to the small town where the plant was located. It had one blinking yellow stop light, a KFC and a hotel (that had been built onto the side of someone's house). Even though I went there in June, the high temperature was in the 40s and it snowed overnight.

Most Harrowing Moment - I worked in a chemical plant, as an instrument technician, right after I graduated from college. One day I was asked to test a transducer that was located on the top of a separation tower in the ethylene plant. The tower was over 250 feet tall and was the tallest structure in the county. To get to the top, I rode in the basket of a crane. When I reached the platform that was on the top of the tower, I had to climb out of the crane basket and onto the platform. I was of course wearing a safety harness when I did this, but climbing from the basket to the platform was terrifying.

Prized Possessions - God has blessed me with a great life and numerous belongings. I have a guitar pic that Gene Simmons (bass player in the band Kiss) threw into the crowd during a concert. Actually my wife was the one that was able to get the pic. She was standing close to the stage taking pictures of Gene and he tossed the pic at her. Other fans standing nearby saw Gene toss the pic and a melee ensued. My wife as able to wrestle through the fracas after getting kicked in the nose, grab the pick and stick it into her pocket. She presented me with the pic after the concert. (What a wonderful wife.)

Top 10 TV Shows & Movies
1. The Terminator
2. The Right Stuff
3. Back to the Future
4. Forrest Gump
5. The Andy Griffith Show
6. The X-Files
7. Battlestar Gallactica (2004-2009)
8. Star Wars
9. The Walking Dead
10. The Big Bang Theory

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Book Description

Scott Hrdinsky and his Uncle Joe live on a quiet farm in rural America in the not too distant future. When Scott was eight years old, he received a unique dog named Dozer as a gift from a family friend. When Dozer, a cross breed of an android and a cybernetic organism, fails to wake up one morning, Scott and Uncle Joe embark on a secret mission to save him. Scott and Uncle Joe end up in a tactical, science fiction adventure as they confront Commander Manson Kurse, the supreme leader of the Lancaster Science and Research Facility. Throughout the mission, Scott’s eyes are opened to the covert activities and governmental conspiracies that are hidden in plain sight all around him. Mentored by Uncle Joe, Scott learns to cope with the circumstances in his life and comes to the realization of what is really most important. “Footprints” is a story that twists you around and around and deposits you in the most unexpected place.