Jun 3, 2014


by Briana Pacheco

Book: Enough Trilogy #2

Publisher: Amazon
Pub Date: June 2 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Prom. Graduation. Fashion show.

Those are the three things Emily Vasquez has been waiting for since her life picked back up and became livable. She has the guy, the friends and a future to look forward to. Sort of.

David Vasquez. He was never part of her plans. He was the father that hurt her and ran. Now he’s back with bad intentions and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Emily.

What happens when the future Emily saw coming becomes blurry and out of reach? Where everything she planned for gets taken

Secrets are unveiled, emotions will run high and blood will be spilled in the second installment of the Enough Trilogy. Will Emily and Alex survive this or will it become too much? And most importantly, will everyone come out of this alive?

WARNING: Due to heavy subject matter and mature content, this book is recommended for ages 17+

My Review: I'm back with book two! And so much more Emily to love. She has a good life right now. She has her guy and buddies and all kinds of things she should be looking forward to. So what could go wrong? Dead beat dads arent cool and Emilys has just come back into the picture. But its not all perfect and happy like you would expect. All he wants is Emily and now who knows what her future will hold. Can she have her life and guy and friends and escape this dad of hers in time to do the things she wants?

Well what do you expect? Cause as you can tell her dad is not going anywhere and would try pretty much anything. So things will be said that shouldnt be said and who knows if Alex and Emily will come out without any scars. Also the scenes in this book are stronger than the first because of violence that goes on. But i think it was written just right and enough to make you feel for the characters and hope things will be okay again and that they can Finally live their lives. Cause reallywho can deal with so much hurt and issues in their life?

I really was tied to this book more than the first, because after reading what she went trhough in book one and then more problems come her way that really shouldnt have happened, it made me ache for her want it all to be perfect again.