Jun 24, 2014

Birth of Evil

Birth of Evil
by D.W. Carver

Book: Albany's End #1
Publisher: Tirgear Publishing
Pub Date: May 9 2014
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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David, running for his life to avoid being executed as a daemon, meets Toria, a young priestess banished by her tribe. She is on a quest to help the forest spiryts against an evil presence they claim is near. David joins her, determined that if his life is to be forfeit, his death will be given some meaning in her company.

My Review: Lets see....this book was well written and enjoyable with only a few issues for me. But the overall plot and the way it was written, just beat out those issues and left me wanting to know more after the last page. 

So when David meets Toria, something goes wrong and they both end up in this new world. Well this new world brings some evil. David also finds out he can go back and forth from the worlds and can bring people along. I like this new world and going back and forth, and all they really want is to see all this evil be gone. 

While David is working with some people to work on his talents, Toria is in the other world and is dealing with a lot more. Not only is she being invaded by spirits, there is this nasty guy who wants her. A prophecy comes into play and well David and Toria want no part in anything, but to see this all go away. 

So of course David cares and goes to find Toria, save her and bring her back with him. Maybe things will calm and everything will turn out okay. Of course nothing is every perfect and goes smoothly and there are bumps in the road, but eventually everything turns out alright for them. 

I did like the idea of the two worlds, but I think there should have been more details about the worlds. David and Toria were great characters. Blaine, Gavin and Alant are also great, but would have liked to know just a little more about them.

Besides those things, I enjoyed the book and would go on to read more books by the author and hope the next book is just as good!
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